By Anonymous - 20/10/2009 06:51 - Canada

Today, I told my girlfriend of eight months that if she didn't start taking my band's music seriously, we couldn't see each other anymore. She said fine, and I hugged her, but then she stood up and said 'I hope we can still be friends,' and walked out the door. FML
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You're a jerk for putting your band before your girl.

It's a sign from Jesus that she's not the one. Either that or He's trying to tell you that your music really does suck.


It's a sign from Jesus that she's not the one. Either that or He's trying to tell you that your music really does suck.

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I love how everyone is automatically assuming that this guy was an untalented musician with no passion whatsoever for music, who had a girlfriend who is completely honest and totally unbiased.

I take it you've never surfed Myspace Music. Just going by the incredibly dismal ratio of shit to good bands out there, my money says this guy's not fronting the next Black Mountain.

It was a her, buy the way.

#142 Regardless of how good he is, why should he expect her to take a band that probably makes almost no money seriously? Infact, even if it was the beatles, why the **** would your girlfriend have to take the music seriously?

Maybe take this as a sign that your shitty band isn't going anywhere?

Your kitty is so cute!!!!

You're a jerk for putting your band before your girl.

OP never told her to like his music, just take it seriously. My guess is that his gf was laughing at his music and he didn't like that.

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'Although they are different, isn't liking something and taking it seriously the same in some respect for this situation?' Bullshit. There's respecting him and his band members as musicians and people who love what they do, and there's taking the piss and constantly ribbing them. Liking the music is nothing to do with either. Tbh I can't tell whether this is an FML or a YDI, as it depends on context: if she made one light-hearted comment and you started whining, YDI, but if she kept taking the piss and generally putting your band down and you talked to her about it but she reacted like this, FYL. If the latter is the case, OP did the right thing and shouldn't regret it.

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40 your fiancé is freaking awsome

And he's supposed to put everything on hold for her? Even if music is his passion and it's the only thing he wants?

Why does she have to take your band's music seriously? Full of yourself much?

I agree. If she does not the band's music, she does not like the bands music. You should stop being so dictatorial.

I'm not sure what the OP meant by take it seriously.... I'm happy if I just get amused resignation from my fiancee about my enthusiasms.

I think what OP means is that she was making fun of his music, and he didn't like that.

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If he's a dick it's better this way. If she was insulting/ not supportive it is also better this way. Also the girl didn't seem to care too much about the OP to walk away that easily (Sorry OP :-( )

Your ex-girl did the right thing. You are an arrogant prick.

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so true. you sound like a douche bad. ydi.

Your music probably sucks and you should have considered she actually would choose.

so ...for u , music comes before love ??

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Maybe he just needed a good break up to write a sad song about. LMAO

This man is a true hero! What's wrong with putting your art before sex?

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87. Fail. Seriously.

I'm pretty sure 87 was being sarcastic...

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People it is very simple. It is sex, drugs and Rock and Roll. So Op has failed in this. You are not meant to be in a rock band my friend, you might want to try out for the drama department, because you sure are a diva.

If it's his passion, why shouldn't it?

YDI for putting your crappily written music before your GF...

This. So many assholes are in "bands" and they think that their music is serious shit. However, the world is already full of shitty emo nerdcore bands and we don't need anymore polluting the musical world.

I agree. It's one thing to have a band, that can be fun. But you can't get mad for someone not liking it.

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lol what an idiot

Maybe your band shouldn't... completely suck?