By RowanBlossom - 7/7/2020 05:01

The lifescript

Today, I found out that my mother doesn’t visit me because I'm the only sibling without children. She posts all about her wonderful children on social media, but I'm left out. She hasn't set foot in my house since I moved out of hers. FML
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By  Lora Wood  |  10

Who cares? Find and old woman's pictures and post about all the fun stuff you 2 are doing.

By  Yummi_913  |  15

Sounds more like you're dodging a bullet. You want her to use you to get to your children? Trust me, it's not much better than the alternative. It won't hurt any less either.

By  AmbrosiaFan  |  18

Have you invited her over? You are without kids, so you don't have to deal with packing them all up to go over to moms, so why don't you go over there? or go over with your siblings and her?