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  Mookdaruch  |  0

Well at the end of the movie it could have been called 28 dresses. Don't worry though you'll be the one who he cheats on her with, and don't try to argue that, if the chance came up, you would and the chance will come up in surely the next year or so....Stay Single, Get Wet

  Matdredalia  |  0

She stood there and watched the man she loved marrying her very best friend. She was there for her friend to be her maid of honor. I just don't see her being willing to bone her best friends husband if she's that loyal to her friend, no matter how much she cares about him.

  Chvdl  |  0

I disagree. He's married to her best friend, if she tells him she's been in love for him that long she'll probably mess her friendship up (or maybe their marriage).

  dragon_fml  |  0

after rereading this fml post, i think the person should at the very least discuss this with her best friend because it sounds like it has been bothering her for years. if they are truely best friends, her confession will not ruin their friendship or break up the marriage. i hope the best friend is understanding and tell her to move just can't breakup a marriage. it's too late after all these years. this is a very sad fml. i hope all goes well.


If they were really best friends, then the one that's getting married would have known about the fact that OP is in love with the groom.. If OP hadn't ever told the best friend about her feelings, then nothing can be done about it. But she shouldn't talk about it with them after they'd gotten married. If she ever had to talk about it, it would have to have been before they'd started dating or shortly after, not after their wedding. I agree that it's a sad FML, but there's nothing that can be done now. She will move on and find someone who's right for her.

  Mookdaruch  |  0

Good, the institution of marriage doesn't mean anything anymore, "Want to get married?" "Sure, but why?" "Tax deduction" That is about as far as it goes.

  alliwannado  |  0

@ 51 : Thank you! Holy cow, the first few posts really surprised me...feeling bad for the OP. But the OP is being selfish, immature, and petty!! Your BEST FRIEND is getting MARRIED and you are sulking because you "love" the groom? Some best friend/MOH you are! You should be HAPPY for HER that she found love. And instead of turnign down the MOH position (which is reserved for a loving, supporting best friend, which obviously doesn't make you qualified), you TAKE the position and give a phony speech? Oh yeah, that's what I would like to remember about my wedding day .Does it suck that you wish it was you instead? Sure. But seriously, what was she supposed to do? Give up HER future and HER love because YOU wanted it instead? Even though, obviously, the groom didn't love you? That's SO middle-school-ish. Seems like you haven't matured since you've started "loving" this guy. How pathetic.

Life =/= Hollywood movies.

  heyyou1203  |  0

i second #79. you obviously didn't tell either of them you were in love with him, so you only have yourself to blame for being silent and being a fake good friend. or maybe u did tell them and they said tough shit. get over it, move on, you'll find love one day so stop dwelling on the one who got away!

  WIDRR  |  0

Yeah I agree with 79, and really the OP deserved it, if she really 'loved' him since 8th grade she should have made a move instead of acting like a coward and waiting for something to happen, which will obviously never happen

  RWBY_RubyRose  |  9

2 what is she suppose to say? "Hey best friend I don't think that you should be married to your husband because I've had a crush on him since 8th grade"

  genius_man16  |  0

Well we don't really know how she decided she "loved" this guy either. Maybe she has just "loved" him because he has a hot bod and is nice to her rather than actually getting to know him and stuff.

  amisenho  |  11

I think it's called "Made of Honor", only it's a man in love with his female friend, and she asks him to be the maid of honor or best man (or something like that).

By  Sakke  |  4

Some would argue that you'd better do something about it instead of blaming your life. Of course, I don't know how it really happened. Poor you.

By  FuzzyWalnuts  |  0

If you're in love with him, you better have dated him for awhile before your friend did. Or YDI for being that obsessed over someone you haven't had an intimate relationship with.

  Cittenscollar  |  0

No, you can't be in love with somebody you've never been with. Love isn't about "a tingly feeling in your stomach". It's about cleaning up somebody else's shit because they're too sick to do it themself.

  Finnboghi  |  0

Thank you.

OP is just some girl who's never had a meaningful relationship, and after her friend began going out with this guy, she became jealous.

Now, she wants sympathy and understanding for her jealous infatuation, and possibly support for a planned attempt at breaking up the marriage or friendship.

tl;dr OP is a whiny bitch who only wants what she can't have.

  lalaimbored  |  0

i hate when people say other people write things on this site to "get sympathy"

honestly, how much sympathy can someone youve never met give to you over the INTERNET?
not much, so i doubt thats the case.
maybe shes selfless and wants her best friend and the groom to be happy?

  zargon  |  1

If she's selfless and wants them to be happy, she certainly isn't posting this on FML.

And the story certainly isn't funny, so it's not like it's just something she wants to share for us to laugh at.

So, what does that leave? A sympathy play.