By n3ov - 26/02/2013 04:33 - Pakistan - Islamabad

Today, I got stuck in traffic when a shootout started somewhere behind. I lowered myself and suddenly a bullet punctured a hole in the rear screen. When I managed to get away, I called my wife in a panic. She didn't pick up so I sent her a text about what just happened. Her reply: "K". FML
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n3ov tells us more.

Easier said than done.

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I smell foul play... Does your wife happen to have a life insurance policy out on you?

Its seems that she might be cheating on you. Seeing that she didnt pick up your call but replied to you with a short and non interested answer.


Seriously how stupid can you get? That you actually gave your phone to a stranger makes you seem like a moron

I think you replied to the wrong fml

Artemis138 9

You're an idiot. Wrong fml, dumbass.

I think you missed the FML you were aiming for...

I smell foul play... Does your wife happen to have a life insurance policy out on you?

007type 26

Its not that common here in Pakistan.

ManicGypsy 22

Even without insurance, she could just not want to be married to him anymore, but maybe can't afford a divorce or something? My first thought upon reading this is that OPs wife is somehow involved.

Ya you need to think about if you pissed her off lately and if you have then you need to strike back and kill her first

Mr. and Mrs.Smith in real life about to happen

Life insurance in Islamabad? They'd be paying out every second day

#39 What in the hell could he have done that she would she have done to have him killed? Left the toilet seat up?

74, sometimes it can be something so minuscule, it's just enough to send the person over the edge and not think clearly. I was hoping she misread the text and she thought he witnessed that happen to another person's vehicle.

I think she thought he was joking. If not then FYL

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Wow that blows. I would invest in bullet resistant glass

36- my first thought was that his wife was cheating and "busy" at the moment

caring and thoughtful wife you have there..

Personally I wouldn't believe someone who text me that, I'd think it was a joke.

except they love in Pakistan, which is like Chicago and compton wrapped in Detroit. probably don't joke to much there

28: I wouldn't mind loving in Pakistan. I don't mind loving anywhere.

So you love in public? I remember you telling me I suck at grammar.

74- Technically that's not grammar, that's a typo error or a common autocorrect.

You do have poor grammar #75.

that was definitely autocorrect, this mobile app posted under the wrong comment, and I've definitely never corrected your grammar but I can

75: Public loving: the risk is brisk, so have a frisk! I said exactly what I meant.

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The fuck??

Your profile picture along with the comment and this fml totally made my morning!

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Oh reallyyyy 60?

Yup, really =)

This is the internet. On here we say "dafuq?"

Well 7 it is Pakistan....

Guess the wife's gotta get it "pakin" then..

Its seems that she might be cheating on you. Seeing that she didnt pick up your call but replied to you with a short and non interested answer.

wlddog 14

Isn't it kind of a leap to jump straight to cheating? If someone wanted him dead, they probably would not have picked traffic. Too many witnesses. They would have picked a parking lot, or simply pulled up next to him.

Or he had been cheating on her so she really just doesn't give a damn.

Why didn't we start from A? ;)

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Dangit 21 you killed it.

At least say "C-c-c-combo breaker!" or something!

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This has got to be the most sorry excuse of a chain thread I've ever seen, learn your damn alphabets!

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Since she didn't answer your call, are you certain she wasn't the one shooting at you?

Mr. And Mrs.Smith in real life about to happen

41- posting the same comment on two threads in fishing for thumbs.

Well... he did get lots of thumbs..

104: In the wrong direction this time, of course.

This is one of those fmls for which I am hoping to god no one says ydi. Your wife is an insensitive bitch op,sorry.

I don't know which part of the FML is worse, him getting shot at or his wife's reply. I'm think being shot at would bother me more, fuck her she's obviously a cunt!

but you know they did

All I can think of is that maybe she thought you were trying to prank her... I'd like to think she wouldn't be so callous if she actually knew/believed your life had just been endangered like that. If that was my partner I'd be doing everything I could to get to him and make sure he was okay. Hope you're alright, that must've been terrifying.

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I don't get it! Why is everyone talking about potassium? ? ?

Because "K" is in the periodic table of elements and represents potassium.