By mild banana - 16/06/2016 16:55 - United States - Cedar Hill

Today, I was kicking my soccer ball with my father. My mom pulled out in the car without checking and ran into to me. FML
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Well at least you're ok. I hope your mother apologized and hopefully it won't happen again

That's completely irresponsible of her... She should get in some serious trouble for such reckless driving. I hope you're okay though!


How did you not notice your mom getting into, then moving her car?

OP is actively playing soccer with their dad. How did mom not see what she is driving into?

And the "Mother of the Year" award goes to... not your mother.

Kind of reminds me of something I would do (on accident of course). Driving isn't my forte.

I can't believe she ran into to you

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Not everything is "just an accident" ;)

It's okay op you can always call 1-800-new-parent.

Well, now you know how deer feel...

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don't feel bad I got run over by my grandmother and broke my ankle