By akaka - 14/7/2014 13:38 - United States - Youngstown
Today, I was at the mall in the food court, when some guy asked for my number. I turned him down, but I was impressed with how ballsy he was. Without thinking, I said, "I like your balls!" Half the place instantly fell silent. FML
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Hi, I am the OP. Check my profile to see that it is confirmed. Anyways I am not attached right now, he was 15 and I am 18. I didn't like the age difference. Anyways he did turn around and wink at me. Then walked away. You don't have to believe me but here is the truth.
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  amisenho  |  11

It's the same emotion you feel when a guy tells you he doesn't want to date you, but he still wants to have occasional sex with you when he's alone, drunk, and bored.