By AdamFoundHisEve - 25/05/2010 19:08 - France

Today, I had a dream about toasting with champagne. Whilst asleep, I extended my hand to toast, then brought my hand to my mouth to "drink the bubbly." I knocked over the glass of water I keep on my bedside table. My iPhone is now ruined, and in shock of my wet arm, I jerked backward headbutting my wife's face. FML
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Sucks, next time don't leave your phone by liquids, or get an awesome case like I have. How'd your wife react?

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omg I'm soo sry my phone is my lifeline I would like die without it!!!

totally agree with you, especially when it's an iPhone

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my husband knocked a coke over on the window sill while he was asleep and kinda messed up the speaker of his iPhone, he was pissed!

ydi for keeping a glass of water by ur bed

LOL. The iPhone thing kinda gets posted a lot, but I like the headbut thing.

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haha you like that he headbutted his wife... I'd be pissed if I was her

Sucks for you but at least you got away from this with your life! That's something, right? 

next time toast wine it would be safe. I don't know why but it would be

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I wonder how the wife must feel and hope you got insurane fir your iPod or atleast got money to fix it

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i wonder if it's impossible to make a water proof phones?

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41... someone should definately invent one 40... neither champagne or wine is good

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it's funny how you could have a dream and hurt your loved one I also guess you won't be able to sleep with your wife for a long time

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I sleep with my iPhone next to me. it's my alarm clock :)

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Me too. I only hate that my iPhone doesn't have a music ring tone like my other phone did so I wake up grouchy :( and I also keep water next to my bed but it's bottled with a lid.

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same here, sourgirl. I used to keep cups of water next to me, but my cats kept trying to drink out of them and would spill them. I started using water bottles :)

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Epoh now that's funny because my cats are also the reason I use bottle water. Btw I hope you're careful with the kitty litter. I heard it's not safe to change when you're pregnant.

We used to have a cat like that but we ended up getting rid of her. :(

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I completely agree! OP- You TOTALLY deserve it. If you need water in the middle of the night, get your lazy ass up out of bed and get some. Or don't leave your iPhone next to a glass of water. Use your brain next time, please.

You should really keep a water bottle with a cap. it's saved me a ton of trouble. ;)

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no it's not safe. if the mother gets toxoplasmosis from exposure to cat feces, the baby could have serious birth defects. on the other hand, there is some proof that women who were raised with cats (and shared the chore of changing litter) have probably already been exposed and developed antibodies and resistance to toxoplasmosis. the more you know  but I digress! my kitty lives with my dad because her sister is there, and I'm not allowed animals at my apartment :(

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Sorry, but ydi for not taking preventative measures. I NEVER use/put my iPhone near liquids, because it's that important.

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sourgirl- you can have a music ringtone. You just have to know the right program to use to cut the song down and to convert the file to the correct format.

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Thanks Kelly. I'm going to look into it. I uses to wake up to Good Charlotte now I wake up to (buzz buzz buzz)

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I fix iPhones!!!! bet you're too far though ...

that's why I drink Capri Sun at night, at least if I knock it over it won't spill, just slowly leak.

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Wy please don't take this the wrong way but your picture (the one with blood shot eyes) looks like this guy that tried to sell me a blunt last night. Do you fix phones AND sell weed at the same time?:)

Come on, give him a break. If he has just one night stand and needs to accept calls in case they're important, he might have needed his phone next to him as he slept. And sometimes, in the middle of the night, you just need a quick sip of water to go back to bed if you wake up. Getting up and walking to the kitchen completely disrupts sleep and it can be really hard to go back to bed, it has nothing to do with laziness. FYL, OP! But next time, remember to use a water bottle instead.

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Yay you posted just for me Kevin lol. I feel sorry for OP's wife.

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#36 there is no insurance for iPhones :( OP, I sleep w/ a water bottle by my bed instead of a glass for this very reason! Sorry to hear...

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lol yea :D most i can come up with on such short notice lol

at least you didn't drop your just one on the pavement and instantly on the there is cracks all over it. It looks like it got ran over by a bus

they have them in Japanese phones and under the images it has one of their waterproof phones

#42 Waterproof phones have already been invented and some time ago. I had a Sony which was submeragble for 1m in water, there were little caps over the charging hole and headphones hole. I never tried it but it seems to work.

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That doesn't make any sense. When one is in a dream they have a lacking of reasoning skills no matter who you are. There isn't really much he could have done about it.

It's not about being in a dream. Who the **** puts a glass of water next to a phone? it's dumb. It's his fault for putting it there, not for knocking it over.

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what was your wifes face doing under you? lol

I do this kind of thing in my dreams all the time. I'm sure your wife will understand. Warranty/ insurance on the phone?

insurance on the iPhone covers hardly anything

Well that sucks. FYL, OP! Things aren't as up as I thought. Your wife is probably pissed and starting divorce proceedings on grounds of abuse.

that really sucks. I'd be pissed if I was your wife. For anyone who has an iPhone, you can buy insurance through Best Buy. it covers everything. it's 15$ a month but it's so worth it.

which in 2 years is more expensive then just buying a newer, upgraded iPhone.... best buy insurance is a rip off

so you got to "inadvertantly" hit your wire in the face and you only sacrificed an iPhone? I'd rather spend the night in jail.

Best Buy says that they cover everything but when you go in later on to claim whatever happened, they make some shit up and say they don't actually cover it. at least that's what happened to me with my guitar for Guitar Hero

Sucks, next time don't leave your phone by liquids, or get an awesome case like I have. How'd your wife react?

she didn't. she was probably unconscious. lol

Ya I'm too scared to leave my phone or my iPod near liquides. Because I don't want them messed up if it spills

Do you know how pathetic it would be if you somehow hooked up and had to explain to people that you met in the FML comments.

never said I was tryin to friggin hook up. just stated a fact.

oh and do you know how pathetic it looks when trying to start something with a random person on fml?