By Albert Einstein - 25/04/2016 03:33 - Germany

Today, I couldn’t solve my 10 year-old daughter's math problem. FML
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This myth that Albert Einstein failed grade school math has no basis in either reality or common sense. He excelled at math. He also never had a 10-year-old daughter.


Gardakan 1

This myth that Albert Einstein failed grade school math has no basis in either reality or common sense. He excelled at math. He also never had a 10-year-old daughter.

Exactly! He neglected math in college to focus on physics since he had already excelled in mathematics. In no way was he math-iliterate.

The myth comes from the different grading Systems used in Germany and Switzerland (where he went to school). In Germany 1 is the best grade, in Switzerland it is (or used to be in his time, not sure if they revised it since) the worst. He was actually excellent in Maths. And, having studied maths and physics myself, let me tell you: the math that is used in his works is very far beyond grade school level.

These myths really annoy me because all they are is misinformation to make people feel better about themselves. It's like bill gates and Steve jobs dropping out of college. They both went to top tier schools, had enough money to return if things went to shit, and already had their careers cemented by the time they quit.

He had a daughter. She was ten at some point in her life.

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Yes he had a daughter, named Lieserl, who was born in 1902. It is commonly believed that she either died in 1903 or was given up for adoption. Either way he never had a 10-year-old daughter who required any help on math.

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Yeah, he only had 9 and 11 year old daughters

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#57 55 is saying because she either died or was given up for adoption at age 1 that he would have never had a 10 year old daughter to help with math

I read it as a slam on common core math. Lmao! ?

Speak your mind, but please try and be respectful. I guess that makes more sense, but these historical fmls are really dumb

You guys need to give up trying to be funny.

Lighten up people. These aren't suppose to be THAT accurate. These are hilarious to be honest.

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I'm sorry but no, Einstein never failed at mathematics. This kind of thing only serves to fuel lies about people. By 15 he had already mastered differential and integral calculus. So this kind of this is folly and isn't Historical at all unless you count Historical Inaccuracies.

except its not ironic... they arent jokes... and they arent funny. Not to sure why you are deffensive about this garbage unless youre the one posting it...

Look, these historical FMLs have the possibility of being funny. That Moses one? Great. But just choosing a character who could obviously do the thing the FML is saying they can't? Lazy comedy. And maybe it should include the YDI function to really make it seem like an FML. I know you're either going to delete this or tell me to lighten up or something, but you should really take this critique to heart.

Thats exactly it. Its lazy. Everything here has potential and its frusturating to see the result. When you label something, the context should meet the discription. Historical FML should be exactly that. I never said you should do historical FML, but when i saw the option i was excited!! why? because i ******* love history. Why was i disappointed? Because so far theyve been based on myth/fiction (or in the case of A.E a peddeling of misinformation) Theres funny out there. Theres historical FML out there. Need some food for thought? colombus didnt discover north america, nor did he claim to. He also never changed the belief that the world was flat to round. it was common knowledge when he was around. im sure you can make those into FML. Off the top of my head i sent you some options. I do not know if you found them fml worthy or funny, but i am not being negative, i tried to give you options of legit historics. There are literally hundreds of supported historical events that you can turn into FML. You dont need to make it up. You specifically are in essence telling the audience that their opinion is invalid, we dont get it (although we really do), and using your own reasoning to wrongfully apply terms such as fact, irony, joke etc. Allan this shit can be awesome. But whats happening now is your setting us, and ultimatley yourself, up for dissapointment. If you want to do something that is a parody based on historical misinformation, or a tall tale fml, or whatever! then do it. Just do it appropriatley. You have a diverse audience. show us some respect please. When you stated that a certain situation is "fact according to some people" my brain broke a little. With any of the other shit ive said, its been voicing the obvious. Your new button options are to similar to each other. That couldve happened to me, fml, and phew are all variant forms of the same idea. Have 3 options for all i care, i just want the old YDI back. not on some but on all, because its applicable to almost all fml. it should still be an option for fmls where it may not be fitting to you or me, but would be to those that just want to watch the world burn. Its not just me that feels this way. its posted all over the site. The question isnt why am i taking this so seriously, its why arent you? I dont like to voice criticism or respond in this manner. Ive stated my opinions (alongside many of your audience) and im not interested in the dramatic never-ending tail chase arguments. Constructive criticism should be acknowledged at the very least. At the end of the day FML is another site. If it dosent appeal ill look elsewhere. Just giving you the knowledge of my standpoint so the option to modify is there. More or less giving you opportunity before i say goodbye. By the looks of it i eont be the only one

Maybe because it is already dissapointing to see a obvious fake FML on the FML site.. It gets worse if FML now posts obviously fake FML's themselves, and the jokes was in any good humor. With both the pictures and historical. I get it, they might need to grow but to make up "bad" FML just to fill it in? There are more real historical moments you can use that are real... "Today I build the first working car, I also invented the first car accident. FML." Cugnot, , "Today I hosted the olympic to demonstrate the superiority of the white race, FML" Hitler 1936, "Today I became the president of Mexico FML" Pedro Lascuráin, "Today I did a operation which cost the live of the patient, my assistent and a spectator, FML" Robert Liston, or a "Today I discovered radioactivity, FML." at least put some thruth in it.. DON"T make up bullshit.

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Agreed. Why are half the posts on here purposely fake now?

Is the option to favorite FML's gone from platforms besides Apple's iOS? Or were Apple users screwed more than others?

I agree completely. These historical ones and the almost fml's bug me the most though and the ydi button change.

I just want to be able to unclick the "your life sucks" or the "ydi" when I accidentally click one. that's honestly ask they need to add

I have an iPhone and I can still fav things But you can't fav the historical fmls like this one

is it a common core problem where you need 12 steps to solve 10-2?

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math is just hard for some of us

It definitely can be, but it certainly wasn't for Einstein who excelled in math. The idea he failed it is a total myth.