By JefferyLillie - 07/01/2015 08:31 - United States - Fargo

Today, I thought one of my flatmates was beating his girlfriend, so I barged in about to stop him. Turned out they were having really rough sex. FML
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He and I both came from a bad back rounds. He turned some what out like his father. I've seen him him it women but never like beat them. We're as I turned out like my step dad.

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MrBoredomioo 18

After a lot of bad grammar translation: OP and his flatmate both have abusive fathers. His flatmate, though not as bad as his father, has anger issues. He has, in the past, hit women although never truly injured them (side note: never okay to hit people you are in a relationship with, whether or not it qualifies as "beating"). OP, in contrast, turned out more like his step-father in temperament. Poor sentence composition aside, fantastic for you that you would step in and do something about that situation. Really awesome and brave of you.


MrBoredomioo 18

How is it **** blocking if they're having sex. It's a bit late for that lol

#27, not so much **** blocked...more like **** interrupted.

iShanny 13

It's the thought that counts...?

Dreamsorrow93 24

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Lebeaugars95 20

No one knows what it means. It's provocative, it gets the people going!

#34 Oh man you're comment totally made my day! haha

I have a feeling this girl knows how to play this role perfectly :-)

Haha, as the guy I would have been could I help you? then I would have offered to let you join!

So you thought he was beating her, but he was really just meating her.

MetalSonicCD 13

Knock first, if still suspicious- enter.

The guy probably would've stopped beating her if someone knocked on the door

Yes, but the state the girl would be in in that moment would have given it away, whereas if they were having sex, they probably wouldn't even notice the knocking. In this case, I guess sudden silence would be more suspicious than if they just continued.

I think you know what was going on you just wanted an invite to join in

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No, because if he was actually beating his gf OP could've helped.

But he wasn't and had absolutely no reason to barge in other than he heard his room mate and girlfriend having sex.

10. No. If someone was slowly skinning you alive in your room, your muffled screams filling the air, would you want someone else in the house just to mind their own business?

What a disgusting way of thinking #10. If you heard someone on the street crying for help, would you ignore them because it's 'not your business?'. Honestly, the way you think that someone possibly beating their girlfriend is 'their business' kinda makes you sound like an abuser yourself.

That actually reminds me a bit like an old teacher of mine. In the break of 30 mins we went to the supermarket (which is 5 minutes walking from our school). On the way back we saw an eldery fall off her bike because it had frozen in the night. Of course, we helped her. We explained to the teacher why we were late, he didn't tolerate it and you know what he said? '' You should've told her that you couldn't help her because you have a class to catch '' It may be a little bit different from this but it's really afwul not to help people when -you think- they need it!