By Anonymous - 17/06/2014 02:45 - United States - Saint Louis

Today, I was going to the bathroom at work. When I stood up, I noticed a little button on the side. I pressed it and the toilet flushed. I've worked there for nine months and just found out today that our toilets don't flush automatically. FML
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How unaware of your surroundings are you... YDI


How unaware of your surroundings are you... YDI

The automatic ones also have push buttons. Maybe OP just thinks he's never heard it flush.

zebrainthenight 13

Right? That's crazy. And look- OP is a guy. If he had to stand up when he was done, that means he took a shit, he didn't just pee.

Or he wanted a minute to play on his phone.

Not just phone if he was working there for 9 months. **** the lives of all those who had to use toilet after OP the Ignorant dumbhead.

So you just walked away every time, regardless of the lack of sound of flushing?

Maybe he thought they invented the "silent toilet" already?

jad0016 12

So let me get this straight.. everytime you've left the bathroom you've left a big old shit sitting in the toliet for the next lucky guy. Dude thats disgusting -__-

That's gross. So you leave your piss/crap in there for other people to deal with? Did you not realize when you didn't hear the toilet flush?

What. Didn't you notice before that it didn't flush?

Toilet flushing automatically!!! I never heard of that

There's quite a few here and honestly they scare the shit out of me sometimes, no pun intended.

Especially when they flush before you stand up

Sometimes they flush before you stand up and it sprays drops of water on your rear. annoying!

He most likely doesn't have them where he lives. You not realizing that or thinking that, means that you might be the idiot

Oh dude, this means that you left crap for people to deal with.

meli1195 31

You would think that OP would have noticed that he never heard the flushing sound seeing as how automatic toilets flush right away. And it really is effing disgusting when people leave turds for others to deal with.

acerredrum 23

It is actually kind of weird that it isn't an automatic toilet. Automatic toilets tend to have a small button on the side just in case it doesn't register you, you still have a way to flush. Manual toilets usually have a lever.

#23: This was exactly what I was thinking. That and, "Maybe the OP is just a ********."

Even if it was an automatic toilet, they don't always flush which means it's only proper to flush it manually

Automatic toilets are usually loud as hell, how did you not notice that you never heard it flush...

And I don't know if I'm the only one, but I never walk out of the stall until the toilet has flushed...

Lets just hope you have a job with no responsibilities.