By Anonymous - 29/11/2018 23:00 - Canada - Richmond Hill

Today, I was going to have sex for the first time, but when my girlfriend and I got naked, I couldn't get it up. I eventually got hard but it involved me thinking about the time I accidentally saw my girlfriend's brother naked. I think I may be gay. FML
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Or bi. Or pan. Or possibly something else.

That’s not much of an FML these days. Just a few years ago, being gay could get you killed, or at least, unemployed.


You might be, but don’t worry, that won’t FYL.

Do you really expect people to sympathize with you for thinking that being gay is a bad thing? I think you should do one of two things about it: (1) continue to piss and moan about believing something where the logical conclusion is that you should hate yourself; or (2) grow up and recognize a learning experience when it shows itself to you.

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Dude, ease up. The first sentence of this is enough for a FML. Guy went to have sex for the first time, and couldn't seal the deal. That's traumatic enough. Male ego is, as has been noted in popular culture over and over, a fragile thing sometimes. This is a tough situation, either way. As for the possible homosexuality, I have no problem with someone who discovers (or thinks they discover) this about themselves being apprehensive, fearful, upset or angry. It's not the end of the world, and it's much better than it was years ago, but it's still something that, if true, will make one's life more stressful and difficult. Straight people don't seem to have to spend any time at all thinking about what it means for their life that they are straight, but being gay does tend to involve some thoughts. Culture has told young men for eons that it's not good or acceptable to enjoy the intimate company of men; confronting that means questioning yourself in ways that just don't come up for your average 'bro. I say this as a gay man who had a not-entirely-dissimilar experience myself one time. I was in denial (which is what we call it when we later decide we should have believed it sooner). It was one of the more stressful moments of my late teens.

I also say this as a gay man, out for nearly forty years, and I stand by what I said. He has accepted for most of his life so far that he is EXPECTED to be straight, and he's just figuring out that maybe, just maybe he's not. I might agree with "I bought into my parents' and peers' pressure to try to be heterosexual, FML," but never "I think might be gay. FML" (direct quote). He might turn out to be hetero. He might turn out to be gay. He might turn out to be bi. In all eventualities, it is better to accept yourself for who you really are than it is to moan about hating who you are.

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Good for you. Now go find yourself a great guy who will love you

Can we not post things that perpetuates that being gay is a negative thing? FFS

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This post never suggested that being gay is a bad thing. It was bad for this specific guy in this specific situation. If you read into it any more than that it’s on you.

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Being gay is not always bad, but when you’re about to have sex with your girlfriend being da is a high obstacle

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Because your coming out story was all happy fun times right? Coming out might be easier now for some of us in some places, but there are damn few of us that can count it as easy or without stress and fear.

I hope you didn't have sex with her, it would hurt her for you to be her first then for you to leave because you don't like her.

Is this the intro to a kinky Pornhub threesome vid?

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Don't lose heart. Either way, it's not the end of the world. As someone who's down with the dudes (and not with the ladies), it's not so bad. There are hot, sexy people of both genders out there, and in th elong run you will find someone who makes you happy. Find someone to talk to, maybe talking it out will help you settle your mind about it. Any way it turns out, find out who you are, and be that person.

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Maybe you're into a voyeur type of thing. I would expect that by now you would realize if you were attracted to men. It could be that it was the situation and not the gender. Just putting this out there as an idea.

Do you watch a lot of porn? It's possible you have a little erectile dysfunction. If so, it's possible the of thinking about a guy was just more stimulating because normal sex is boring compared to porn.

go do it with the brother?