By ToughTitties - United Kingdom - Woodford Green
  Today, I was getting intimate with my boyfriend, when he suddenly grabbed my front. He said, in a sexy voice, "Is that your boob?". He had grabbed a fat roll. FML
ToughTitties tells us more :
Hey guys, its the OP here (didn't get an account to post the FML, but had to in order to comment, hence the name change) I'm not fat, I'm probably about 125 pounds and 5 foot 3, I was just leaning over- you know how your tummy kinda.. yeah. You guys get the idea! My boobs are way bigger than my tummy so it's all good. But I'm probably going on a diet after the holidays, because you guys are such ... well.. I can't say inspiration, more like a virtual kick up the backside. Thanks for commenting on my post, and happy holidays to you all!
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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

2 you are so right. A little exercise is great for a confidence boost in your own skin. Everyone should love their body, and if they don't they can always change it for the better.

  Just1Ash  |  10

I couldn't agree more!! Well put, I used to weigh 162kg!! With two years work I'm now down to a confident 106kg!! It's the best you can do!!
I had no confidence, no self respect, no motivation nothing!! Now I feel on top of the world! I can't stress how much better your life will feel!!

  Zyzz7  |  12

@123 Thats lie, I have a degree in personal training, fitness, nutrition, and health, and there are always ways to train to lose weight. And often the heart problem is a result of the unhealthy eating that the person has done in the first place.


Ah, but you see, there's this thing called diverticulitis. It is hereditary, and one wrong move and your intestines can rupture, leading to death. Not everything can be blamed on diet.

  perdix  |  29

#7, you are wrong. Almost all guys care somewhat about boobs, and some care a lot about them.

If you find a guy who says he doesn't care at all about tits, he's either lying, or he's got one foot in the other camp ;)

  Yodaevil  |  4

Shit, everyone loves boobs! Straight or gay! I have gay friends that love a nice rack as much as I do. Men can appreciate a six pack on a man in a non sexual way, so a gay man can do the same.


As a woman, I've even understood, that men care about boobs, it's inevitable. You can't blame them, yes, at times it can be degrading, depending on the subject matter, but oh well.

By  Ozuru  |  11

Why should we feel sorry that you made yourself fat enough to have fat rolls mistaken as boobs?

  chinchily  |  12

Maybe it's not her fault that she is a little heavier than others, she could have a thyroid problem... Or other health issues causing her to gain a little bit.

  JAMSM  |  6

22, You are mistaken, my entire family has bum thyroids, the doctor won't let you leave his office with a bum thyroid unless you let him write you a prescription for Armor-thyroid

  rachelita2107  |  5

That doesnt mean people will take their thyroid medication. I have had a hypothyroid since i was 7 and to tell you the truth i starting gaining weight after i was put on medication to control my thyroid. Drs say the medicine didnt cause me to gain weight but i was a skinny child that turned fat within 2 years. I finally got that under control though now. But i have to eat very little.

  citymayer  |  7

Yeah well my friend has benign cysts on her thyroids but her doctor refuses to do anything even though it makes her sick all the time and her weight fluctuates continuously. Not every doctor is the same.

  DocBastard  |  38

Just because your mother has a disease doesn't make you an authority on the subject. Thyroid cancer very rarely causes weight gain.

Far and away the most common cause of obesity is eating too much and exercising too little. Trying to blame something else is an excuse and nothing more.

  alycion  |  38

Before I started bipolar meds I was too thin. Couldn't gain weight no matter what. I have had weight gain with the meds. I'm not fat but would kill to lose about 5-10 pounds. I can't. Diet and exercise do nothing for it. I can either deal with the extra weight or let my bipolar run rampant. Either way I won't be happy with something. Sometimes you just have to learn to deal. I have another med I have to go on occasionally that puts a lot of weight on. Fortunately, I don't need it often. Again, no matter what I do, I can't lose it. Usually a week after I go off of the med, the weight sheds pretty rapidly. But if the weight was due to my own bad habits and I was unhappy about it, I would learn about proper nutrition and exercise and avoid fad diets. Change is never simple and the simple solutions never last long term from my own experience in life.

  XxskyelovexX  |  13

Docbastard: I was not trying to say I have authority over the subject I was just saying I know a lot about it dealing with my mom dying for a few years. She did end up gaining a lot of weight and her hormones were all over the place. It was a rough time. I didn't mean that Op definetly has thyroid cancer or has a reason to be obese I was just saying it was a possibility.

  MatteKudasai  |  17

My mother has a thyroid that is effectively useless. She is also 43 years old, has 6 children, is a former world champion for 40+ 8km cross country, and currently in the top 20 women in the world in crossfit.
Thyroid problems are a poor excuse for being overweight.

  chinchily  |  12

Sorry if I caused this debate, I didn't say OP did have a thyroid problem, I was just stating an issue that COULD happen, she could have also been taking other medication, or started birth control...she could just be heavy.. But I was looking at all the options