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  grizzly66  |  5

There's 2 different types of fat guys. The intimidating bikerish fat guys and the Jonah hill/Seth rogan fat guys, complete opposite ends of the spectrum

  Pleonasm  |  34

I like the fact that FML comments always keep me guessing.
LIke guessing what the fuck am I reading and what the hell comes into people's minds when they write this stuff.

By  andiewithlove  |  21

That's when you bring attention to the stench first. Point at the person across from you and look utterly disgusted. But don't overdo it OP! Then you'll be the fat guy who farted and tried to blame someone else!

  thatonename  |  7

No, not always. There are those ones so vile the owner doesn't want to claim it but someone has to say something.

But next time someone asks if you farted OP, stare them straight in the eye and say "nope, I just shat myself". I promise they won't ever ask again.

  TomPusslicker  |  21

That's when you hold your stomach, grimace and loudly mutter "God i hope its not diarrhea again"....almost guaranteed you will have enough empty seats around you to kick your feet up, and enjoy a good, relaxing chuckle.

  winkydog4056  |  16

#22_Beagles are better! And OP, well did you rip one or not!?

By  zingline89  |  18

One of my good friends pulls that shit on me all the time. She drops the nastiest ass ever and people don't expect it's the cute girl. I'm not fat but it doesn't matter, they'll always blame the guy.