By EmbarrassedBigSister - United Kingdom - Brighton
Today, I went out for the afternoon leaving my younger brother at home. He's never had a girlfriend, which I always put down to him being shy and a little overweight. Well, I came home early to walk in on him taking it up the arse from his uni buddy. Off the charts awkward. FML
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By  DMA  |  11

“Oh, hey, big sis. You know, it’s never to early to look for signs of prostate cancer! Bob is self conscious of his stubby fingers and was using his cock to give me in impromptu exam when suddenly a violent but very VERY localized earthquake hit! You walked in right at the conclusion of said earthquake, hahawhataretheodds?!”

By  Mungolikecandy  |  19

So he is gay? Oh well. At least you now know he is not shy and may not be alone.