By Anonymous - 01/11/2009 05:44 - Australia

Today, I was driving my child to school when the car let out a huge bang. It shuddered to a halt. My son started laughing. I asked him what was funny but he wouldn't tell me. The car wouldn't start. I called RACV and they told me the problem. My son had rolled 9 golf balls into the exhaust pipe. FML
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when I was a kid , I was washing our car and i put the hose up the exhaust pipe lol.


how is that bad luck?

when I was a kid , I was washing our car and i put the hose up the exhaust pipe lol.

Been there matey...been there

you gotta admit, he sure knows a good way to get out of school

Me too. There was a mixture of black smoke and hot crappy smelly water that came out.

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afallingstar 22

this comment made me roflmfho

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how do you post comments when you're trippy

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how do you post comments when you're trippy

I lost brain cells from reading this.

Lol Young uns Lol

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Ya just like paying for it

Except that she has to pay money to fix it. I would've whooped his ass so hard if I were her. He definitely would have shed some blood and tears for that little stunt.

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93- If you beat your kids to the point that they bleed, I don't think you should be having children.

So what? She has to pay to fix her car now that's what. I'm sure if it happened to you it wouldn't be so "funny."

That's child abuse


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Better question. Did you get the sterilization you deserve?

real clever 13 using his comment for a joke yet not funny :/

perdix 29

I just hope that no one tells that deviant, little, vandal bastard that a banana or potato wedged tightly up a tailpipe builds and even higher back pressure and makes a bigger boom. Oops.

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I thought you were headed in some pedophilesque direction with the banana and the tailpipe..

i reckon you might be alone on that one, aero.

aero_fml 0

Well I heard banana and tailpipe in the same sentence... and we're talking about a kid. I was just mentally preparing myself for some horrific comment >_

Haha I was thinking the same thing. You're not alone on that one.

jisaac09 25

Yea im just gonna go out on a limb here and say that most people, when they hear "banna", "potato", and "tail pipe", they don't jump to the "hey lets go pick up some kids at the play ground and our way with em" train of thought...... May I suggest some help??? 911....

no, perdix, a potato wouldn't go boom. the car wouldn't start if it were off, and it would stall if it was running. they actually check for holes in your exaust system by putting a thick rag over the tailpipe. if the car stalls, you're all good. if it doesn't, you've got a hole. which is why I'm calling fake.

havnt u ever seen mythbusters? they tried it n the fruits/ vegetables just shot out instantly

Those must have been some huge golf balls cuz most exhaust or tail pipes are usually a lot bigger

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I agree

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that actually is pretty funny.