By fuck's sake - New Zealand - Auckland
Today, I went to a karaoke bar for the first time. I'd never sung in front of others, but I gave it a try. I was accused of being way too drunk and was asked to leave. I didn't get kicked out in the end, but I was told that my singing voice sounds like a dying goat. FML
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  Tripartita  |  44

Not necessarily, #11. When a mammal dies, gut fauna continues to live for a while, and the gas generated by bacteria can pass the vocal cords thereby creating sound. This phenomenon—combined with gut bloating, gum recession, and blood being pushed into the mouth—can create the illusion that a corpse has feasted and moaning for more. Scientific journalist Matt Kaplan elaborates on these effects and their contributions to early vampire lore in his essay "Cursed by a Bite."

Wait, what do you mean we're not being graded on FML comments?! Anyway, it would seem likely that sounds created by bacteria flatulence passing through the vocal cords of a corpse would be utterly disgusting, so Stormfront's comparison is actually logical and evocative.