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Today, I was operating on a young girl, when she began to awaken during the surgery. We quickly put her back under, of course, but now I'm terrified that she'll remember my profuse cursing and get me in the shit with my curmudgeonly killjoy of a boss. FML
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Flash her one of those things from Men In Black.

Surgery must be pretty stressful. There's a lot of pressure involved. If anyone should be allowed to swear at work, it should be a surgeon.


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I would think a lot of pressure and stress comes from being a surgeon. OP was just trying to quickly sort the situation, swearing in the process. He wasn't having a "tempertantrum".

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quickly adminster more drugs to make her so out of it she remembers nothing!

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Trust him he's the doctor if cursings what helps him work let the man be!

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Your cursing wasn't really harming her, so I doubt she would say anything. But if anything, blame the anesthesia. She could have been hallucinating for all you know.

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Well how else would you spell it? With an h? A p?

158- it's actually with two of them..,

How is this not a YDI....he didnt administer enough sedative....****** malpractice

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The anesthesiologist is the one who keeps the patient under NOT the operating doctor. And some people react differently to anesthesia.

Actually, the surgeon doesn't administer the anesthesia, its the anesthesiologist. Two absolutely different people, so he actually doesn't deserve it.

Most surgeons I've ever met and worked with with are uptight motherf*kers anyway.

276, you're an idiot. Surgeons do not administer anesthesia.

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surgeons don't administer the anesthesia, professional anesthesiologists do it.

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I think the swearing was due to the patient waking up. I would have the same reaction!

Surgery must be pretty stressful. There's a lot of pressure involved. If anyone should be allowed to swear at work, it should be a surgeon.

he swore because something was going a lot of other people do under stressful situations

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24- don't ask me why but I find your picture very stimulating

Why WOULDN'T you swear if something was going wrong that you had to scramble to fix. Sadly my best comparison is when my controller dies when I'm standing in an obvious location on CoD.

I use to swear like a sailor when I worked live tv and something went wrong. Think op has more of a right to that reaction.

Damn I clicked the like button for #117

I'm surprised this swearing thing is such a problem. I work with doctors all the time and when there are no clients around or can hear them they swear just like everyone else. Hell some even more.

Apparently 1 and 2 have never had surgery. If i was a doctor I'd be doing the same. I've had 7 surgeries and would not like waking up during one. If swearing helped the doctor calm down enough to put me back to sleep, have at it.

I agree with #10. Surgery can be very stressful because your dealing with someones life. If that isn't stressful enough, imagine something going wrong. Unless ofcourse, the surgery isn't a life or death situation. If it isn't, ignore my comment and just move on... *looks away awkwardly*

Because he flipped out because the patient woke up!Duh-common sense…?

Swearing also shows how much the doctor cares about his/her patients' safety.

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Get of the Internet and get the sand out of your ******.

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That's the most negative votes I've seen on fml lol

If the patient started to wake up, they'd probably start to feel pain within a few minutes. So yes, I'd start swearing too.

I think if you were operating on someone and they started to wake up, you freak out to

not neccisarily start to feel pain, people have woken up during surgery paralyzed, not feeling anything but fully conscious, hearing and seeing things..

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Yes unprofessional cursing. I would think waking up during surgery when you are the patient or the doctor, HOLY FU€£!!!!!!! Would he totally appropriate.

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I'm sure Dr. Cox will be okay with it.

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#3 that is the fault of the millions of people who sue doctors for ridiculous things. That's why they pay millions in practice insurance and it's why our healthcare is so expensive.

She was probably won't even remember waking up.

c8750 2

^ I wouldn't be so sure of that. It's really traumatizing to wake up in the middle of surgery

Idk, Cox is kind of a hardass. Dr. D is much nicer

Yes I agree, the likelihood of her remembering is not very high and even if she did remember there is no reason she would say anything about it.

BunchieRules 31

128 - If I woke up during surgery, or if I were a doctor and my patient woke up, your picture would definitely be my reaction.

Shouldn't that be fml for her? damn, that's one everyones worst fear.

I've heard that it's so traumatic your brain blocks it out or something. I've heard friend of a friend stories about people finding out they woke up in surgery and not remembering anything.

I've heard that it's so traumatic your brain blocks it out or something. I've heard friend of a friend stories about people finding out they woke up in surgery and not remembering anything.

Flash her one of those things from Men In Black.

The technical term for said device is "flashy thing". :3

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Was I the only one that thought RAPIST when i read "Operating on a young girl"

Haha I just watched Men In Black 3 about 20 seconds ago.... You could also bribe the girl to keep her mouth shut.

Dr0reos 8

53-oh ok *wipes away tear*

Um, either that comment got deleted, or this app is messing up.

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You mean a deneuralizer. Pardon my nerd ;)

72-a denurilizer would end up erasing ALL of her memory-pardon my nerd ;)

zakkyzebra 11

I was thinking a "penis" when said flashing...

72 & 80- You both failed at your nerding. The "flashy thing" was not a deneuralizer, the deneuralizer was the very complex machine started by a bowling ball that brought back agent K's memory. The flashy thing is a neuralizer, the deneuralizer brings back your memory from getting neuralized. Pardon my extreme nerd moment. .

Looks like 127 has the real nerdiness. Well done ma'am well done

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127- will you marry me? :D

BunchieRules 31

54 - I doubt that after waking up during surgery, the doctor could bribe her to do anything. She would probably be too traumatized to keep her mouth shut.

Damn, 127 is hot and smart. Or just good at using google. I like the first option though

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150- I think that's called pedophilia... 15 and 39, or statutory rape

baddawg365 0

Edit to my post above: 170 not 150. And 15 is her age and 39 is his. Sorry for the interruption just needed to clarify

Lol good job 127! But I was saying that the guy before said I meant deneurilozer. I didn't lol I just wanted that one memory erased instead of all of it/

riack 2

Actually it's a neuralyzer. A deneuralyzer would give her memory back. Oh btw I spelled that word the way they spelled it so yeah. I'm a nerd :(

TheSnakeDoctor20 17
Blue_Nuh 6

pardon my nerd but... it's actually just a neuralizer a deneuralizer reverses the effect of the neuralizer. x)

Admit it you just don't want her parents to sue you. Yet another reason why the American medical system can't really be's only looking out for itself!

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

Exactly what would the parents be suing for?

And let me guess, another typical self-hating American who doesn't know jack about their medical care, or someone from another country trying to jump aboard the "hurr durr silly Americans" bandwagon?

Mearemoi 14

Well, I guess you'd rather die than be saved by the "untrustworthy" American medial system...

You can be sued for swearing? Shit I'm in trouble

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Maybe because the daughter came back up during surgery, which can be extremely traumatic.

Mearemoi 14

#36 - But that's not the surgeon's fault.

JessalynVictoria 6

I realize it's not the surgeons fault. It would be the anestiologist (i'm sure that's spelled wrong.) And really it's sort of unprofessional for him to be cussin up a storm but under that kind of stress I can't promise I would be saying crap, gosh darn, or holy muffins either. Anyway I just meant there probably was basis for a lawsuit, but should have specified who against. Not the sailor mouthed surgeon.

56- So would you rather the anesthesiologist gave her too much anesthesia, and she overdosed? Too little is better than too much, and because everyone is different, there are certain variables that go into determining the amount of anesthesia necessary. You can't be certain that the patient will or won't wake up. And lawsuit? Are you serious? Doctors can't gurantee a patient will stay under--they never do, so there are no grounds for a suit. The parents can't bitch about: "You promised!" like spoiled 10 year olds, because nothing is promised in the world of medicine. Get your facts straight.

Some people are immune to anesthesia as well. Can the anesthesiologist be to blame for that?

Talking shit on people you don't know? You're kind of an ignorant fool. Most likely op was worried that he almost put a minor through a traumatic experience. some doctors care, you know?

The anesthesiologists and doctors can be blamed for not listening to patients enough, not making sure of things before surgery starts, and not being competent in this situation. I happen to know a lot about the medical system, and it's biggest flaw is that most medical workers are too concerned about money and being greedy to have any concern left for their actual patients. I agree that OP is only worried about getting sued.

That's the problem with people today. If something even slightly goes wrong sue the doctor. Its because of people like you that malpractice insurance is so god damn expensive. Yes us doctors make a decent amount of money but that's after years of med school and years of internship and residency. Not every little thing is a basis for a lawsuit. Personally I'd rather give up my practice than give people who would sue for anything medical treatment. Yes it was the anesthesiologists fault but everyone makes mistakes and as long as it wasn't fatal or cause damage then calm down. Doctors are under a lot of stress especially when they could lose their entire profession over a "simple" mistake. I don't believe anyone looks at it from the doctors perspective anymore. So he swore big deal if it helps him concentrate then get over it and grow up.

JayJ17 7

You guys are all idiots. So what if he's under stress?? The person who commented is right, OP was probably cursing because of what would happen to him or if he would get in trouble not if the patient was actually ok. Stop backing up EVERY single American you idiots. The patient should expect it to last, do she has a 100% reason to file a law suit. Maybe not against the surgeon but against the hospital as a whole.

I'm pretty sure that for most surgeries the patient is forced to sign an agreement saying the patient cannot sue of anything bad happens, or the doctor will not perform the surgery. But that might not have been the case for this particular surgery.

JayJ17: First of all, speculating about why OP cursed is just that. Speculation. Nobody but OP and God know why they were cursing, so it's not for us to say. Secondly, the patient does have a right to sue, but it doesn't mean the case will hold any ground. Again, no doctor can gurantee the effectiveness of the anesthesia, and I'm sure they tell the patients that there is a chance (albeit a slim one) that they will wake up during the operation. This way, the patient cannot say that they didn't know this, and there won't be any grounds for a suit. Doctors are good about covering their asses for situations just like this. Third, **** you. Who said anything about backing up every single American? Just you. You're probably the kind of person that would sue a restaurant because the waiter spilled your drink. That is all.

drewfus2 6

118 - Doctors deserve every cent they make. They go to med school for years before they are qualified to be a doctor, then they work ridiculously long hours every day, at one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Doctors spend their days trying to improve or save other peoples lives, many of those ignorant jackoffs like you who jump to sue at the tiniest, most harmless mistake. Dumbasses like you are why heathcare cost so much, because doctors have to cover their asses with insurance so that ungrateful sons of bitches such as yourself don't throw the people trying to save their goddamn lives into the street the first chance they get. So yes, he is worried about getting sued. Because of moronic bastards like you. Now **** off.

um, holy muffins. dont any of u have anything better to do than argue and make multiple comments? ship happens. doctors get sued for stupid shit and the legal system and medical system suck. ship happens cuz no one tries to change it ya'll. yes i said ya'll. move on....yeesh.

Actually, she'll most likely not remember anything when she wakes. I have woken up during surgery, twice, and remember nothing. I had to be told I woke up during the actual surgery. This is an FYL.

BunchieRules 31

It's all just a big conspiracy, right 5? I wonder if the aliens did it. Seriously though, someday you might be in an emergency and need medical assistance, and they might be the only ones keeping you alive. And when that happens, you have to trust them, so I wouldn't talk bad about them.

Admit it, WaywardDaughter, you don't know what you're talking about.

elletex 8

This has to be one of the dumbest, most irrelevant comments I've seen here on FML. Congratulations, 5.

the_anti_hipster 7

Traumatic, yes. Worth suing someone over and possibly costing this doctor their medical license, no. My roommate is a surgeon. Shit happens, just be glad this girl is ok. FYL op :/

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155- Damn it your comment is too long and I can't like it. So 100 thumbs up

I have woken up during major surgery and I still remember it after nearly 25 years. OP should have made sure the patient didn't wake up at all.

anoellem 1

56- you wouldn't be saying holy muffins if you were doing surgery and the person started waking up. Just stop.

155, I know next to nothing about anesthesia, so I'm seeking a little clarification on this... How is it that they can't know if the patient will wake up? I mean, you'd need to get the levels right to induce unconsciousness right? So, how does this change during the surgery? How is it predicted? What are the variables that can influence it? I always thought that if they put you out you were pretty much set and the only way you'll wake up is if the anesthesiologist did something wrong...this worries me :P As far as suing, I suppose if people can be sued in any other profession for any incident then it only seems fair that this trend continues in medicine too. Though what really makes the difference is whether or not it was necessary to do so, and I think I'd be suing for the cost of surgery if I was woken up and could get away with it. Like any service, if it is performed poorly you should get your money back, or compensation made up to the amount paid by the individual. The only time it is acceptable to go beyond this is when your day to day life is affected. But this is just my opinion on it, as an outsider.

peachyFML 17

Thank you so much 98! Not all doctors are bad. Many are very caring for their patients and stress over their lives. You could ask DocBastard a thing or two about that, maybe even check out his blog.

273 the patient can wake up paralyzed and therefore unable to tell the surgeon they are awake. there is a group of surgeons working on making it so the patients arm is unaffected by the paralysis so they may alert the surgeon, i don't know how far the research has progressed into practice yet but i saw it working on a documentary so probably not too far off...

Admit it, you are just a stupid stereotypical brat. Yet another reason why nobody likes broken condoms because they produce retards like you...people like you are only being judgmental and racist and polluting humanity!

296, I was meaning more what changes during surgery that the drug that induces unconsciousness fails to keep the person that way. I would have thought if it was strong enough to put them out, maintaining that level would suffice. I imagine it may be because keeping that dosage may be harmful and it is better to reduce it once unconsciousness is reached but again, I really don't have the first clue about how it all works.

melonrind 8

I feel bad for her, not you! How freaking scary..especially for a child! :O

I woke up when I was 5 during that, they just give you that gas stuff and your out in a couple seconds

Hopefully she's young enough to not understand those words

I've had multiple surgeries, most during my childhood, and I was told that I woke up multiple times, and a few times I wouldn't stop "talking" (lol... Probably sleep talking?) and not ONCE did I remember any of it after waking up. So I doubt she will remember any of it either.

I woke up in the middle of surgery when I was 7 and they gave me gas as well. I was so traumatised that to this day I cannot have anything placed over my mouth and nose.

Look, the fact of it is for MOST people they wake up and still aren't fully there for a while. During surgeries if a person does wake they typically won't even know they did.

MistaKrista 8

We don't know that she's necessarily a child. For example: To a 40 year old, a 20 year old could be a "young girl". It all depends on your perspective.

guckylynn 19

I think OP would have said young woman rather than young girl were she a 20 year old.

MistaKrista 8

I still get called a child by the older generation and I'm a 21 year old college student. However, I'd bet someone who was closer to my age would probably say I was an adult. Like I said, it's all about perspective.

sarah56195 0

I'm sure she wont remember. But FYL. Because that's scary.

When I was 5 years old I woke during surgery, but I don't remember it. Apparently i started screaming and shit haha

Poor girl, I'm sure she'll "black" it out

was there supposed to be a black joke there???

Was there any reason for putting emphasis on the word black?

That must have scared her, what ever she remembers

Based on the other comments she was either traumatized her entire rest of her life, or she is perfectly fine and does not remember anything about what happened.

KingDingALing 9

How do you know that OP isn't DocBastard? We're on to you, Doc...

That would actually be kind of funny, because Doc's other FML also happens to be about cursing in front of a child.

DocBastard, are you nicer than Dr. Cox?

DocBastard hasn't shown up yet, has he?