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Today, I was called by my son's school. They said he'd been forging my signature and comments in his reading book. He didn't forge them. I don't know what's worse: my handwriting looking like a 6 year old's, or being too cowardly to admit it. He has a week of lunch detention, but I still have my dignity. FML
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You let your kid get a week's worth of detention because you won't admit it was you? Some parent you are. Your kid's gonna be pissed at you, and you deserve all of it.


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YDI and **** your son's life for having a mother like you. You would sell out your own son, so you could have your dignity??? Who cares about the stupid handwriting? Is this what you are teaching your child to do? You just won the Best Mother of the Year award (although the OP wasn't clear on whether he/she was a woman or a man, I'm just going by everyone else's assumptions). I hope your son is counting the days until he moves out while he is in detention.

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lmao. Looks like someone had a messed up childhood. How bout you take your ranting elsewhere?

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Ha you all act like the parent (I can't determine gender) beat the kid. I honestly think this is fake, there isn't prolonged detention in the 1st grade. If you get in trouble, it's pretty much a slap on the wrist or the kid misses recess for a maximum of 1-2 days. And how many schools are going to honestly believe that a 6 year old is forging signatures? Forgery usually requires the person to know how to write cursive which isn't taught until the 3rd grade. Way too many holes in this one.

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actually, my kid sister got expelled off of her BUS in the first grade because she was a little brat. It all depends on the school. I agree that the OP is one helluva coward.

who has two thumbs and wins at parenting? not that guy.

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1st, this is in France, and I hate to admit it, but their education is much better then here. 2nd, you ever see a doctors signature, or for that matter the comments lots of professors leave on papers? They arent cursive but they sure look like a 6 year old wrote it.... As for OP, you are a coward, this isnt F your life, its F your kids the hell can you ever teach your kid not to lie or anything after this? You cant....the 6 year old should have posted this "today my mom/dad got me a week of detention because my teachers believe I forged their hand writing. I did not forge it, but my mom/dad is too much of a coward to admit they write like a child, FML"

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There has never been a FML that deserved a YDI more than this one. I agree with #57. Here's a funny story for you. Back when I was a little younger than six, not old enough to go to school yet, I sat in my parents' kitchen while my parents were roaming around getting breakfast (or was it lunch?) ready. I was trying to stay out of trouble, so I decided to fiddle around with a retractable pen. The pen was retracted, and I started to pretend like I was doodling on the table. My mom stopped what she was doing and stared at where I was pretending to doodle. She saw a mark from an unrelated incident and assumed I was really writing on the table. I sat in time-out for a while. Now just think. I still remember this long after I really should have forgotten. I held the longest grudge because it's a crappy feeling to get into trouble for no reason, especially when it involves your parents. I understand why my mom punished me that day, but it left a nice stinging feeling. Maybe I still remember because I'm the type to keep petty grudges. But what you did to your son blows my situation out of the water. He'll remember this for a long time. And for a long time, he'll struggle with why you simply sold him out like that. Six years is the age when small let downs become OMG ITZ TEH END OF TEH WORLDS FO'EVUHZ! And just think, this is no small let down. *Adults* would stay pissed for years. I just can't believe that you value your 'dignity' over your own son. Never mind there are people with worse handwriting. Never mind all this was over freaking handwriting. Never mind what other people think of you just doesn't matter at all. I mean, really? Are you that big of an ass that how your own flesh and blood feels doesn't even matter when it comes to your dignity? Sucking up to the boy just doesn't even work in this situation. Because the bottom line is that you sold out your son when it came to your own interests. I hope that your son becomes nothing like you. That's one terrible example your setting, and the world does not need people like that. Because below the bottom line, as plexico has stated, you set your own six-year-old child up as your personal fall guy. That right there is selfishness this world does not need. Now some rant on the internet probably doesn't matter to you, but this sort of thing disgusts me to no end. You, sir or madam, are a dick.

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Way to sacrifice the psychological wellbeing of your child and destrying the trust you have between your son for your lousy dignity.

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here here! i personally can't be arsed writing something as eloquent as that, but i do completely agree. Early-childhood disapointments are the pits and will be remembered for MANY years.

Not in mycase... I was taught cursive at kinder or something. When I made it to Primary school I already knew how to write both on script and cursive... I like script better though.

that's messed up... can't believe u wouldn't stick up for ur own kid and now your kid has to pay for it. wat an ass

Agreed #154! And let's not forget the people that can't write! They'd be envious to even have a 6 year old's handwriting no matter how old they were. That poor kid. He's going to think you'll sell him out over your own dignity for the rest of his life.

Poor kid. I hope he grows up to have better handwriting than his parent.

I hate when people try to be the judge and jury on whether or not a post is real. Who the hell cares. Its just for entertainment. Get a life. however, I do feel the need to question your reasoning # 118....There are holes in your argument because 1. you dont know what the disciplinary procedure at the OP's child's school is, 2.CLEARLY the joke was that the OP has bad handwriting, which is why the teacher thought the child was forging it. why is that so hard for you to believe, children have done things that are far worst. And 3. why the hell would they have to know cursive to forge a signature?! Not every person in the world signs their name in cursive. I know a bunch of people that dont. How about we just take the laugh and move on to the next story so next time I dont have to use my precious time for this crap, lol (no offense intended)

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Actually, when I was in 1st grade we had to read every night for 20 minutes. Well, a lot of times my dad worked late, or my mom would be asleep, and in order to finish the homework, I needed their signiture. So, I simply wrote their name for them, and handed it in. To the teacher, it was unbelieveable, and I learned a long hard lesson about how forgery and how it is wrong :P

are you a farther of mother? what ever you are.. your not very good at it

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The one school I sub at has in-school suspension for first graders. They aren't allowed to talk during the entire day, and must sit facing the wall. The entire morning is spent handcopying the rules for in-school detention. If, and only if, they finish copying the rules correctly they may begin working on their school work for the day. Any work not completed in school, must be completed at home before the next school day

I had a funny story. Before in History class, in about 6th grade, I had my teacher sign something for a project that I worked my butt off on. Since she had a podium, her handwriting was slanted. I turned in my project, and she accused me of forging her signature. She took off 5 points off the project. I needed those 5 points to pass the class. It's been 4 years and it still pisses me off.

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this isn't the US, it's france, they probably have a different education system over there.

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where the hell do you sub at? that kind of treatment is what spawns the charles manson's and ted bundy's of the world, i may be a little overdramatic on that, but im just using it as an example. if my kid ended up in a situation where he/she was forced to not talk all day, and forced to face a wall in the FIRST GRADE, i would beat that principals head in, i dont care what the kid did. there are far better ways to correct a kid without socially isolating him/her for prolonged periods. like afterschool detention.

go to hell you mother ******* no good lying piece of shit. take your up for you responibilitys jackass. go to ******* hell and burn

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Gonna have to say YDI. Your son won't forget this

Actually, I forged and had some friends that forged in 1st grade... Some of those field trips looked pretty fun and I was sceptical of what my parents would do... So I just traced a previous signature. Also it depends on the school, some will, others won't. Believe me, I've had detention every year cept Kindergarten, and Pre-K.

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you suck ur poor kid has 2 get detention because of u. you should b ashamed of urself really.

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A week of lunch detention is treated like he was being abused. Yeah, OP lied, but his/her child isn't going to be ****** up for the rest of their life because of it. Seeing as he was still young, chances are he has forgotten.

OP I hope your son would leave you when he is older . such a bitch

Wow. Just wow. Nice job being the most shit parent ever Op.

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I remember when I was in first grade. He'll remember this in the future. And OP is a woman. MOST Men don't really give a crap about what their handwritting looks like.

You let your kid get a week's worth of detention because you won't admit it was you? Some parent you are. Your kid's gonna be pissed at you, and you deserve all of it.

How is it Dignity? Basically now the child will think of her/him as a liar regardless of all else.

FYL? Is that a joke? You did it to yourself, fool. "What dignity" indeed. You sold out your son. Even worse, you could traumatize your kid in the process, to say nothing of the humiliation he now faces. Nice going, jackass.

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what about all the future notes and signatures the kid has to get.. he'd get in more trouble.

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No, he lost his dignity when he let his kid take a punishment that he not only didn't deserve but that was caused because a frown man did not want to admit he had sloppy handwriting. Yeah... FYL Alright but because ur a sorry excuse for a father.

Not only is your handwriting bad, but you can't spell it.

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Your a moron. Who the **** would do that to their child, now his teachers won't respect him, he won't trust you AT ALL and you've showed us all that your a pussy. It's called practice writing. How the hell are you a parent?

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Ok, that is racist and not ok. Just because he/she is French doesn't make all French terrible, awful, and messed up people.

Calm down it's a joke. Every french guy I've ever met (which was quite a few) has said so much worse about Americans.

French is a nationality, not a race. retard.

hahaha... I didn't think about it from that aspect. So it's not really about the horrible handwriting, but the fact that on top of being a complete chickenshit pussy, a horrible parent, and having no honor or compassion, but also having the written communication skills of a 6 year old. See Jane. See Jane run. See what a Dick I am to my son. Are you per chance a single parent OP? because if not this is in all actuality a F your spouses Life.

Really? All the French people I've met (an it's been many as well) were incredibly friendly and had lots of good things to say about Americans. They especially loved Rage Against the Machine. As for the French being ******* comment, stfu. You're an ass.

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Come on, the French like Americans in the same way the Taliban like us. Sure they aren't all bad, and you have been lucky to meet a few. But seriously, they aren't friendly to us at all. Why do you think we tried to change everything to "freedom fries" and "freedom toast."

I'm French and I have nothing bad to say about Americans, stereotypes are stupid things.OP totally deserved it for being such a bad example for his/her son.

How the hell did this go from a stupid mother/father to a competition of France vs. America??? Does it really freakin matter? America's got stupid people, and France has got stupid people. There. Now we can get back to the whole original point of this - that the OP is a douche.

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French person with username LAgirl?

You are a *******, and less than half an excuse for a role model. You let your six year old son get a week of detention for forging a signature because you were EMBARRASSED BY YOUR HANDWRITING? You are a ******* disgrace.

Putting your kid through detention because your handwriting is terrible? Unless your son's school's detention was as awesome as my elementary school's after school detention (where we played Oregon Trail on the computers in a classroom for 2 hours after school), YDI

Oregon Trail destroyed my childhood. Thanks Alan.

Your childhood has died due to dysentry. Would you like to restart your childhood at the beginning?

@236 wins. Oregon Trail does too. But you know what wins most? AMAZON Trail!

Ever played Yukon Trail? That one is pretty fun too.

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sorry, but i'm not so sure you have your dignity anymore either.

You don't have your dignity, this action robbed you completely of what little you had. No one knows you lack all shame, dignity or pride, but you still don't have a single one of those attributes.