By "indienerdgirl"
Today, after years of pain and swelling in my foot from what I thought was chronic ankle sprains, I found out I have a broken bone in my foot. I have no clue how long it's been broken. FML
indienerdgirl tells us more :
Hey all OP here. I'm surprised this got published. But yes I did go to doctors and I got Xrays. Long story short is after the first sprain it became a problem during the winter months. My husband jokes that I like to kiss the sidewalk. I went to 2 doctors who just thought they were sprains and took xrays and saw nothing. One sent me to doctor #3 who thought my tendons were over stretched and sent me to a surgeon to see if I was able to have tendon tighting surgery. The surgeon, who was a royal ass, sent me to physical therapy only for me to come out in more pain. Saw 3rd doctor again and he sent me to another surgeon as he still thought I needed surgery and that physical therapy was a waste of time. I had Xrays at almost every appointment mind you. The 2nd surgeon not only did Xrays but did an MRI too and found 2 small breaks in one of the smallest bones in my foot. The best we can figure is that even after each sprain healed the next sprain rebroke the bone which is why I had constant pain. So now I'm in a cast and stay off of it as much as possible like before. Also to make this story even more difficult my son was born last July and I have a bunch of other chronic illnesses I had been dealing with that at one point I had to put a hold on getting my foot fixed. But thankfully it's getting better now that I know what happen lol
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  lccc_  |  18

Im not even too sure if op even went to the doctor, he just mentiones him thinking it was a bad sprain, doesnt mention any doctors.

  GhostFox  |  33

I can't tell if autocorrect trolled me and changed "for" to "four," if the FML used to say a specific time period, or if I just had a brain fail when I typed this.

If OP never went to the doctor and said "hey my ankles been hurting for the last few weeks, I think I might have sprained it- can you take a look" that is even more baffling. It's basic common sense and logic that if something keeps hurting- especially after the period it should have healed- to go see a doctor.

  bluejello2001  |  17

Yeah, you'd think.
Both of the times I had broken bones (ankle, then fib & tib) the ER doctors were dismissive and said it was only a sprain/bad fall. Had to raise hell to get X-rays, and surprise! Broken bones.

By  hannelef  |  0

I understand. The exact same thing happened to me. I walked around with a broken footbone for 2 years. I didn't realise it was broken because breaking it wasn't extremely painful. The pain only got worse after I kept walking and running on that foot.


hell no.

ankle sprain is a ligamentous stretching. LIGAMENT

broken bone is a broken goddamn bone.

anyway, I doubt the bone is still broken by now. Bones callus and heal in their broken position over time if no orthopedic treatment is undergone and it was displaced

By  Tripartita  |  44

After this revelation, you went for a drive and found out that the tire you suspected was flat was actually missing entirely. So was the wheel. Then you went to visit your mother whose been uncharacteristically quite recently, and you found out she expired some time ago.

  KittyMack  |  13

Lots of people in these comments seem to adore victim blaming. If you're gonna assume things about the unwritten details of the story, why assume the worst about OP when it's just as easy to give them the benefit of the doubt?
A: It's rather likely OP did NOT F up or else they'd be embarrassed & not tell people.
B: Have all of you been so lucky in life that you've never had a health problem? Doctors screw up all the time. I had a sprained ankle misdiagnosed by two doctors and two physiotherapists myself (in my case it was not a break but a subluxation, which is halfway to a dislocation, ie needs to be forced back in manually). If I were to list all the other, more serious missed diagnoses I have had, I'd be here all day.
And looky looky the OP explained that indeed they DID act responsibly, but several professionals dropped the ball. I hope karma gets all y'all who were calling OP a fool and blaming them for what they went through.

By  chessu  |  21

I don't know, this is a bit of a YDI. Sprains are meant to heal more or less completely in about 2-3 months. Surely after that long, you'd press for an x-ray. It's not like your doctor can flat out decline to do it.

By  chessu  |  21

I don't know, this is a bit of a YDI. Sprains are meant to heal more or less completely in about 2-3 months. Surely after that long, you'd press for an x-ray. It's not like your doctor can flat out decline to do it.

By  Suaria  |  37

My dad walked with two broken bones near his ankle area for a couple of days. He didn't get it checked out right away because he said it didn't hurt that much and didn't think too much about it.