By Jennifer - 20/01/2016 19:20 - Canada - Lethbridge

Today, I was at school deleting documents I no longer needed on my school account. After clicking empty trash can, I saw a final paper on political science deleted. I'm not in political science, and I wasn't deleting files on my account. FML
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Well, somebody's screwed.

Might wanna find out whose stuff you were deleting and find someone who can help you recover it.


lexiieeex3 32

That person will be having a very bad day very soon...

Well, somebody's screwed.

Nah. Just download and run Recuva. It'll get it all back

^ I second that notion. Recuva and similar programs are pretty powerful and can, erm, recover most things from places you never thought possible. It's worth mentioning that sometimes, it will only partially recover files, which, in most cases, is next to useless, because the files don't open. It shouldn't be the case with documents. As for OP, YDI, obviously. Look before you delete.

hahaha. Please don't tell people that shitty program is worth two *****, because its not.

80, how can you tell someone something doesn't work and is shitty when the product does exactly as advertised?

Might wanna find out whose stuff you were deleting and find someone who can help you recover it.

Obviously don't know how deleting documents works. Once you click erase in the trash can it's gone forever

Well let's hope that person backed up their work! Although how can you not notice until the end? Like surely you'd read the file name and know that they aren't your documents.

lexiieeex3 32

But how did OP even get logged onto someone else's account without being cognizant of it?

If its a school computer the op probably sat at the wrong one by mistake. Our school library had like 30 computers, I've sat at the one next to mine when going back to the computers. I did realize right away though, I don't know how they'd delete things without realizing.

Contact you school's IT people ASAP. There's a chance it's still recoverable in some form, as most stuff is not gone forever when you delete it. The sooner you get it checked out, the sooner there's a chance this other person isn't totally screwed over.

It is when these things happen you set fire to your computer and move to Mexico

How'd oh he access to someone else's documents? They must have stayed logged on or something. Sucks for them. And sucks for your conscience OP.

cosmic_peanut 17

not FML but FARGL(Fuck a random's Guy Life)

I hate to be that person but.. random guy's life*

cosmic_peanut 17

how about you go back to your cave ?

We all knew what he meant

That's why one should log off a personal account on a shared/public computer when finished. At least no one can trace the deletion to OP.

Fuck that person's life.