By FlGirl - 24/12/2009 07:00 - United States

Today, I stepped outside for a smoke. It was 1 a.m. Thinking no one was around, I let out a series of loud, nasty-sounding farts. I looked over to my left to see the neighbor, whom I've never met, also smoking, and staring at me. That was his first impression of me. FML
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So, was there chemistry between you?

A smoker AND a serial farter? F your neighbor's life.


YDI, smelly.

I'm calling fake, you're totally blowing smoke out your ass

Only if she lit a match while cracking 'em off, 37. I call bull too, though - women don't fart.

So, was there chemistry between you?

No, but there was plenty of methane.

Both of these made me laugh. Good laughs brighten my day.

lol @ perdicks mom

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Hahahaha xP

unlucky haa

A smoker AND a serial farter? F your neighbor's life.

the smoking is irrelevant really because if everyone would read the fucking fml it say he was also smoking.

So your life is fucked cause you passed gas like everyone else on this planet and some person you've never met heard it?

FAKE! Girls don't fart. Everyone on the planet knows that.

Girls don't poop either. This is fake.

you sound gross in multiple ways

how embarassing ! YDI for being disgusting.

oh yea because you've never farted. You should have your teeth knocked out.

smoking is also a tad disgusting you know.