By Anonymous - 29/04/2013 07:25 - France

Today, I wanted revenge on my college's drinks machine. For the past two days, it forgot to release a cup before pouring my coffee. This time, I had planned ahead; I put my money in, entered the code, and quickly inserted my own cup. It gave me hot water. FML
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Wizardo 33

A.T.I - Artificial Troll Intelligence

perdix 29

Keep messing with the machine and soon it will dispense pee.


\ 28

"Revenge" on machines? It is truly a sad world we live in. Invest in a cheap coffeemaker, OP.

ripresno 10
\ 28

Machines can't feel pain, can they? Well unless they're turrets, I guess...

\ 28

Who said he'd be bringing it to class?

It does not matter. Revenge is never about the person, or object in this case, that one wants revenge against. It's personal. It's more about causing damage than pain. Plus there seems to be a bit of personification going on, which could lead to someone associating putting a dent in the machine as causing the machine pain.

I'm pretty sure he didn't mean it seriously.

Wizardo 33

A.T.I - Artificial Troll Intelligence

Wizardo 33
Wizardo 33

I agree as well, no offence perdix... Doc you're hilarious too.

perdix 29

#39, yeah, maybe, I don't know, but perdix is still my favorite commenter. Help me! He made me write this!

You know, Noor.... I can see Perdix doing that! But, Doc said a lot of things.... Are you sure he wasn't saying he was funnier than both of you combined? We know how he is. :P

Guys, guys, NoorFML, DocBastard, and Perdix are really all the same person.

7yzzFML 17

LOL at the little troll face on day 2 xD Awesome

perdix 29

Keep messing with the machine and soon it will dispense pee.

Redglare 8

I'd hate to see what the snack machines would dispense if the same happened.

perdix 29

#6, a Baby Ruth, a la Caddyshack?

There are things that are simply not needed to be mentioned, #11.

#20, don't worry, soon you will realize eating anything while browsing FML is a very bad idea.

rg350dx 29

That sounds like a stupid, super hero frat boy's catchphrase.

lincolnkite 6

Well that is how they came up with the word garage, for go rage. True story...

That totally reminded me of a song from Sworn Enemy :D

Brelywi 15

You should probably just bring a thermos of your own coffee and stop wasting money.

You still need to buy a coffee maker or get coffee from somewhere else. Coffee doesn't grow on trees you know!

zed34 18

Perhaps it's time to call the company that owns the machine and let them know, who knows maybe you can get free coffee.

28 - What do you think customer service is for? And how will kicking the coffee machine fix anything?

Kicking the machine will not fix it, but it might just break. ..your foot.

The machine anticipate your move and next time you mess with it again, it may change into decepticon.

"You failed me yet again, Starscream!" Btw: how the hell are they making Transformers 4 when Starscream was killed in part 3? Who's going to bring Megatron back to life when he's was the only one that was able to do it!?

Wait, Starscream dies in number three!?

THE MACHINES ARE TURNING ON US! To be fair Terminator made it seem a bit more exciting.

Redglare 8

Machines will always be one step ahead of you:

Mr25_fml 14

Well, water you gonna do about it?