By EpicJman2828 - United States
Today, my cousin thought it would be cool to put a firecracker in an abandoned birdhouse. Before I could tell him not to, it exploded and about 30 wasps came after me like the wrath of God. FML
EpicJman2828 tells us more :
OP here. Im so shocked I got posted. Just like to say my cousin was gone when it exploded and I was stung about 9 times. Overall it was very exciting being able to go outside and know something wanted your freaking soul. Those suckers will Hunt you down and rape your body with their asses
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  imaginaryvoice  |  18

Did you happen to run by a house with a man setting up an air conditioner in the window? And lead them into the house with his terrified girlfriend?
If so, that explains so much.

  fareith  |  15

32 - It is getting warmer out for the majority of FMLs population, therefore we can assume the wasps and bees are coming out. Therefore, we can assume that more people will piss them off. Therefore, we can assume that more people will get stung. Therefore, we can assume people will post related FMLs on the subject more often. But ya know, just logic speaking.

  FiFiLovee  |  26

Their sole purpose in life is to fuck shit up, they're evil little fuckers! -.- But I must admit, this FML made me actually LOL. Thanks for brightening my day OP, but sorry you had to suffer though. xD

  Nordrag  |  26

Sadly insects are less vulnerable to explosives than most creatures. Something to do with their body structure withstanding the instant pressure change better.

  manowarkidd  |  8

the fire cracker probably destroyed honey comb that the wasps were on the other side of or somewasps were behind otheres. they bunch up. i had a club house (a little 2 story one mad of ply wood) and we put tar on the roof and every week we doused the ceiling with water cause the wasps pet there nest in the ceiling where the ceiling meets the other ceilimg.


Well no, it's not just the time of telling him not to. The time it would take to reach in and grab it would definitely be more, assuming the cousin was smart and already started moving away from it. Also, even if it wouldn't go off for a few seconds, it's still a horrible idea to pick it up while it's lit.