By laureri - 13/03/2015 21:45 - United States - Princeton Junction

Today, I ate a wonderful meal, after which I fell asleep on my couch and had a dream that my husband was passionately kissing me. I woke up to realize it was actually my cat licking bits of food out of my teeth. FML
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Hey OP here! To answer some questions, my husband does not have a sandpaper tongue, that would be awful! I didn't have huge bits of food just your regular after food residue. I usually do brush after meals but the itus was strong and I immediately fell asleep after the meal. And yes I brushed, mouthwashed, and flossed immediately after I woke up with a cat tongue in my mouth!! Repeatedly I might add. My cats are beggars, they will do almost anything for table food apparently licking my teeth is fare game. The comments made me laugh, so thanks guys. Cheers!

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Your husband has a similar scratchy cat like tongue? That must provide for very interesting fun times

Don't feel bad OP, some cats are just bizarre (I have one that likes to get into the shower with me :/). Take it as a sign of love and keep it as a funny story you can tell


You can only hope that nobody saw that.

I have grown up with cats all my life and I have never seen a cat do that.

We have a cat that sometimes tries to stick his whole head in our mouths. If he wasn't a giant 17-pounder, who knows what he would do while we slept?

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I'd like to see a car that's like a cat.

Omg the person just said they've never seen it happen before, what is everyone so offended over geez. I have never seen it before either, and i think its pretty hilarious.

#25, I said I've never seen it. Not that it wasn't possible.

Prior to which I'm guessing the cat was probably licking some disgusting part of its body. Gross.

Your husband has a similar scratchy cat like tongue? That must provide for very interesting fun times

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someone skipped teeth cleaning

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Pets do anything for food! But they are totally worth all the pain they cause sometimes

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Hahaha cat butt in your mouth!!!

Cats don't lick with their butt. But maybe Chernobyl cats...

I think what #12 was getting at was that its quite likely that the cat had recently been licking its own butt.


tell your husband about your dream and maybe he will recreate it for you. without the cat.