By dishwasherforlife - 04/11/2009 05:26 - United States

Today, I filled out a 'perfect job placement' test, where you put down your skills, experience and education level and then it finds you jobs based on your abilities and areas of knowledge. No lie, the most compatible job they found for me was 'Dishwasher'. FML
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Better start saving up for those fancy yellow gloves....

Don't feel bad, those tests are crap. My sister took that test, and she got, "professional bowler." She has never touched a bowling ball in her life.


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Guess you found your calling, cant argue results. Also, FIRST, eat that bitches.

wazdog 4

I'm pleasantly surprised to see there are less "who cares if you're first" posts cause clearly the FML community DOES care, even if it's just for kicks. Or I'm completely wrong and people don't reply cause they really don't care.

It's still annoying, but meh. The assholes are probably asleep or at school these days. Don't get your hopes up though, a new wave of members joining will fix that.

People who are first sit on like low lfe no lifes, waiting for them to put up the new FMLs. I'm convinced that that's exactly how it goes down. Also: this FML is FAKE!!!

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Well maybe next time you should take a legitamite work placement test at an office or an official site and not "Click here for a free test!!!!! Lawl it's free!"

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Better start saving up for those fancy yellow gloves....

She should own a pair already! The test decided once you crossed the "Gender" box... (KIDDING, im not a woman hater, I just find the jokes endlessly funny €:))

haha me too. so are dead baby jokes

I think it is a disgrace that taxpayer money paid for that very expensive test only to confirm what I'm sure many already know. Your an F-ing MORON. But it's still pretty damn crappy.

Try not to be such a jerk

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Sometimes I think Food+Retail is all I'll ever amount to too... Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find something better! =)

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I'm pretty sure that means that you don't speak proper English, no?

Sun_Kissed18 25

Way to stereotype...

Why hello there Ms Buzz Killington.

Don't feel bad, those tests are crap. My sister took that test, and she got, "professional bowler." She has never touched a bowling ball in her life.

Agreed. I got "refrigerator repairman" in high school, and a friend of mine got "subway car operator." Those tests don't mean anything.

Haha, I got "mime".

Mine said rodeo clown. I cried.

My friend took one of these aptitude tests, and not only did she get 'dishwasher', she also got 'vending machine operator' and 'chimney sweep.'

I think the people who pick the jobs for those tests must have a really great sense of humor and are laughing at all of us from their offices...

I'm a prissy, girly. aspiring attorney. I got 'Fireman' on my test in highschool,

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I am an animal lover... I got "taxedermist" :| Lol

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Sadly, Mercy, it either gets you killed or imprisoned. At least if you get imprisoned, the country will house and feed you.

perdix 29

With all you have done in life, they say you should be a kitchen appliance? You are lucky that this test didn't include a pelvic exam, otherwise you may be destined to be a "Refrigerator."

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could have been garbage disposal or toilet. dishwasher seems almost noble in comparison.

perdix 29

Or a kind of dumpster ;)

Hey! My father was a kind of dumpster!

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viva la revolution!!!

YDI for using the phrase "No lie". And probably not having any real ambitions.

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No lie, that was my first thought, too. Bad joke.. I love your picture though!