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By Anonymous - 13/02/2012 21:49 - Canada

Today, I took my girlfriend out for a fancy dinner to celebrate our anniversary. When the waitress came, we instantly recognized each other. She was the girl I'd had a one night stand with a few weeks before. FML
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Ouch buddy. That will teach you not to dick around.

I sincerely hope she mentioned it. I really, really hope she did.


You fucken idiot.

I see what you did there.

I can't believe shit like this is actually approved for FML, when it's obviously the OP's fault. Leading on your gf and acting like you're the victim OP? I hope you get dumped and/or struck by a car.

I really hope your girlfriend found out, so you could ask the Mods to edit your FML to: "Today, I took my ex girlfriend .." :)

OP how is that fuck your life? You asked for it karma is a bitch. I wish there was a "fuck you" button cuz YDI is not enough for this fml.

This FML sounds like a movie i know... OH YEAH... Its called karma! sorry YDI

Cheaters never win!

23 - I like both. Can we do both? Let's do both! Who has a car? *looks around*

You sir, are a fuckin dick.

99- I have a Lamborghini, a Corvette, a Ferrari, and a Nissan 350Z, what one?? *wonders where she is*

Wow...keep it in ur pants next time

**** Fucking idiot.

More like you fuckin douche!


Cheaters are beaters, beaters are eaters, and eaters eat.

Cheaters disgust me. How you made it through the moderation process, i don't know. Ydi, pig

I wonder if the waitress spit in his food

It's not fml anymore. It's f*** I got caught. U stupid douche bag!

I agree. He brought that on himself

Umm I may sound stupid but what does OP stand for? And YDI?

Karmas a bitch! You definitely deserved that one OP

Original poster and you deserve it.

I found this weird thing online the other day. I think it was called "Google." It had the amazing ability to answer simple questions. (They see me trolling, I'm hateing.)

I need a fuck you button for every situation. This one is alittle worse than kids calling me demonic at school though

If it sounds like a duck, looks like a duck, walks like a...... What the hell! You are a duck.

You shouldn't be cheating in the first place.

Ah #23 - my first smile on reading today's Fml's. Seems most were written by f-wits. So many YDI's. I also can't believe they were approved. Although conversely I could make the assumption then most people had a good day? Nothing bad must of have happened to a poor soul.

If I choose to moderate a few, I do accept a few obvious YDI ones just so everybody can beat the OP like a pinata

133- You should of said school bus. That way it's painful, and it takes him to a place to learn not to do that stuff.

Uhm, how about your girl wrote this and it was about dating a dick. Because there's no FYL in this execpt you're an ASS.

I don't have a car.... But a truck might do the trick lol

If you're gonna make such a bold statement, then spell it right. Fucking idiot...

YDI means You Deserved It and OP means Original Poster. :)

Who said the girl was his girlfriend before the one night stand? You can't assume OP cheated on his girlfriend, because he never said how long he was in a relationship. YOU fucken idiots.

They're celebrating their anniversary, and unless they are being overly romantic and celebrating their weekly anniversary, then he obviously cheated on her, You fucking Idiot.

Maybe they were celebrating their weekly anniversary

99 - I couldn't agree more, possibly throw in a mauling or two by some attack dogs as well. Justice still hasn't been served until I find an FML from this guy that states "Today, My gf dumped me for cheating on her, then I was struck by a car, and right as I was about to get home I was attacked by dogs. FML"

Ignorant fuck .

Seriously, I can't believe he would post this he deserves it completely, cheating piece of shit.

388 - If you really believe that then you are a fucking idiot.

Wow way to go.... I hope they both smacked you.

Hey everybody. Lets laugh at how stupid he is. HAHAHAHA

i hope she dumps your cheating ass

You're a dick, OP.

I think it got approved so that he could be told what an ass he is. Come on people let's push this guy to the top of the YDI list.

Ouch buddy. That will teach you not to dick around.

YDI OP, I hope she poisoned your food..

Don't bet on it.

Doesn't matter, had sex

That sayin is as old as "That's what SHE said," plz stop sayin it

You really should've kept it in your pants.

I ought to stop dicking around.

Wow YDI!!!!! You idiot, anniversary means at least a could you do that! You should seriously break up with your gf cause you dont deserve her!

29, That would be a little bit extreme... "I poisoned his food because he had sex with me when he had a girlfriend" probably wouldn't hold up too well in court, and for good reason.

FYL, For being born as a insufferable little pussy who isn't a man enough to take responsibilities in a freaking relationship. Go fall off a cliff, land on some sharp object, and get struck by lightning you lowlife PRICK

Seriously dude..? That's what you get for having one night stands and not actually Being committed to a real relationship, sorry, but you deserve it.

226, while they probably were together for quite awhile, there is such thing as a one month aniversary, six month aniversary, etc.

Yea I thought about that after I posted but it doesn't matter how you look at it, the guy is very very wrong. 1 month, 6 month, 1 year, 50 years, cheating is cheating.

Hahahaha you should dick to her

Thats going to be a dinner you'll never forget.

You fucking suck bitch fuck you

^well thought out Wow, not moderated when I write the comment, but moderated by the time I post it. Huh. These guys work Fast

Where did pentinum_4 go?

Pentium_4 sit down, he is clearly looking for pentinum_4. (I was going to make a new FML account and name it pentinum_4 and say "no, wait! Here I am." But I am far too lazy to follow through with that.)

232 - HA! that would have been awesome. idk how someone doesn't know how to spell Pentium, they've been around for almost 2 decades and almost in every computer

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More like a douchbag

How is cheating being a boss? It's being a dickhead. OP, you really deserved that, I don't understand why you put this on here. Were you expecting sympathy? People on the interenet are pretty ruthless towards cheaters and guys like you.

I totally agree with him Like a boss!

I totally agree with me! You're a fucking idiot!!

Just kidding btw... He's a douche

Times like this you wish you knew who the people actually were...least you could tell the girl that her bf is a cheater. He prolly won't.

Sadly a lot people agree with Dr.

Nice try 225

You and op are faggots

Moralfags be ragin' in here

Can someone explain why my comment is thumbed down? I normally don't care, however what I said is relevant. If we knew who posted you could tell the gf her "man" is cheating on her.

like a boss well said!!!!! and also yo 80- thats because 80% of fml users are women, not the general people on the internet r a bitch like u.

Lol no no you sir are the bitch if you really think cheating is ok. Cheating is pathetic and only demonstrates how insecure you really are. Also you probably have a small dick and need to cheat to compensate for that. :)

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Needs some action…

would you mess around on someone and then go "celebrate" your anniversary? that's fake as hell man up...end it if your going to cheat.

I presume she either got a very large tip or you're not getting any tonight then...

He's just as bad as that lady who had an affair with her best friend's boyfriendbefore she went on the trip to Japan with her. He's probably the same person from that FML.

TorturedXeno 27

Don't you hate how these FMLs never tell you what happens next? :-P

big pimpin'

OP is more like a man whore than a pimp.

7 - I am really sorry dude. This is gonna see overly harsh. However, I HATE all of your comments and your pic is retarded. Seriously, nothing against you personally. It's just what I've discovered in my time on here.

88-But he's "hella raw"

The ladies don't care if you're single and never asked.

Single, huh? Who would have thunk?

Shit you guys are harsh. if you don't like his comment thumb it down no need to attack him

188, you must be new to fml, people get attacked for really dumb stuff

201- only if they're a dumbass :D

201 - you have 7 comments you're the new one to FML.

Or he just doesn't comment frequently... There are many possibilities.

211-maybe he actually has a life and doesnt go on the computer all day like u

^ As said before, there are many possibilities.

221, If you think people are incapable of "having a life" and still going online frequently you clearly aren't living in 2012. What you say may have applied in 1984, but unless your name is Marty McFly you've got no excuse for such wank.

We didn't start the flame war! It's been burning since the worlds been turning...

221 I get on FML when in-between class and working after school so stfu

How are you gonna get on people for being harsh and then respond the way you did? Geeze...

You totally deserved to get caught and dumped you dumbass. F your girlfriends life not yours.

Anniversary threesome? That's cheating and make-up sex at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a Shame lol smh

Excessive punctuation???!!! I think so!!!!!!!!!!

I sincerely hope she mentioned it. I really, really hope she did.

Why does he has to get caught, why can't you just have fun. :')

You can have all the fun you want when you're single. NOT in a committed relationship. It's not fair to the girlfriend. YDI OP. Karma's a bitch huh?

I hope so too. She doesn't deserve a cheater period!

Hope so too. Really glad so many people decided he deserved it. No reason to cheat ever.

And for the record.. Nothing better then a pretty souther girl.. Thanks for sharing stormgirl;)

If she did I hope she did it discreetly, not for his sake but because I imagine if she was too public about it the girlfriend could be embarrassed too.

Nothing better than a creeper. Isn't that right Sean? By the way, until you have the Official Pedobear Seal of Graduation© from the University of Creepers, you are henceforth banned from any pedophilic activity.

@341, assuming that everyone is honest and puts their real age up on this site, that would make him 42. I don't know about you, but I have a feeling that a man that age doesn't really care much about whether a girl is 18 yet if he's going after someone who's young enough to be his daughter.

Oh my god. I agree with your comment but your account description is killing me. Especially the thing about opinions. This is America where we have freedom of speech, so everybody has their right to an opinion yours being that only you or people that think like you do. If you want everybody to not say what they feel then you may as well move to Russia. Or hell. Same thing.