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Today, I found out that I'm immune to laughing gas and partially immune to novocaine while I was getting two teeth pulled. FML
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oh my god. i figured that out when i had two teeth pulled when i was six. glad someone else relates!

See, I have a GOOD dentist and he doesn't start any procedure before the Novocaine kicks in.


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Aye. I had a tooth pulled in December, and there was nothing they could do to make it stop hurt. They had to cut it in half before they pulled it out. They gave me a little codeine plus Novocaine, but it still hurt like crazy. I mean, I still had to drive home from the appointment, so they couldn't dope me up. But these things happen. Sometimes you just have to suck it up.

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yeah, ouch. that sounds painful! hope ur not immune to know in case you need surgery at some point

he will be the only one having fun when the monkeys try to take over. He's the only one immune.

There's no such thing as being immune to nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The truth is that your dentist pumped you with bubblegum-scented air while he actually huffed your dose of the good stuff. At least he thought your tooth extraction was ******' hilarious!

wait, there is no such thing as someone having different reaction to a drug than what is normally supposed to happen?

On a pharmacology web site, yes, paradoxical reactions exist. On a humor web site, they are so rare that they can be considered impossible to support the power of the punch line. What's funnier, a paradoxical reaction or a dentist stealing your N2O? 4 out of 5 dentists will say the reaction (and go on to recommend Trident gum), while 4 out of 5 FML readers will say the stoner dentist.

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Don't wory, some of us can be immune and others can even ignore or bypass the immunity through weakening themselves...Humans are not as they used to be...

Today I learned that a worrying amount of people will believe stuff they read on the internet. Well, in actuality the knowledge was reinforced, but you get the point.

man they gave me laughing gas and I laughed for about twenty seconds, and my vision was fuzzy, and after that I just cried the entire time. idk what you're talking about you can't be immune.

People can have adverse reactions to dad was in the hospital 'cause of ulcers, and they put a tube down his throat, but because they didn't want him to panic/feel uncomfortable, they gave him meds to make him drowsy and sleepy/unaware....he ended up yanking the tube out 'cause the medicine made him FREAK OUT and be unaware. Despite the fact it is unlikely for it to be the OPs case, it is possible.

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Same thing happened to me. The stupid dentist has to double dose me whenever I get a filling now...

are u also resistant to tickle torture? *tickle tickle tickle,* nah lol that must have hurt like hell.

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No, YDI for having a mouth with teeth.

I am immune to both but I just deal with the pain. Stop being such a wimp OP.

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Umm why would anyone want to "deal with the pain" of having their teeth pulled?? Hello, we are a civilized society, Im sure theres another numbing agent that OP is not allergic to. Theres no reason that just because one numbing agent doesn't work, that you should have to deal with the pain. Im sorry that you have to endure it, but its unnecessary...why put yourself through that pain of you don't want to? I mean if your into stuff like that, more power to you, but if I had to get teeth pulled and they told me there was going to be no anestesia I would inform them they arent pulling a damn thing til they find me something to help with pain, and then I'd find someone to call about their caveman dental program.

Totally agree with #51... wtf is up with you? Why on EARTH would that warrant a 'suck it up'? Getting teeth pulled hurts like a BITCH. There's no way I'd allow someone to pull one of my teeth without some kind of freezing agent... no ******* way.

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hahaha!!! I love your reply!!

Hey #13, how about you deal with the pain when you had a tooth pulled with no pain medicine at 10 years old. Let's see you cry less than I did.