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Today, I told my boyfriend of nine months that depression runs in my family and I think the reason I've been flipping shit so much lately may be that I am depressed. Not five minutes later he decided a break would be "the best thing for us right now." FML
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Well he's right. I mean, maybe you should figure out your mental health issues instead of worrying about a relationship anyways.

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to be honest, i would probably break up with you too. maybe not five minutes later, but he's not obligated to be with you just because you're depressed.


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ouch that hurts. maybe you should get prettier?

If you "think" your depressed, that means your not depressed and just looking for an excuse to act however you want with no consequence. That was likely his way of saying to get over yourself and stop treating the people you care about poorly.

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Also agree..anyone who says they've been "flipping their shit" probably isn't a great catch anyway

Give the guy a break people.... People have relationships to be happy, not to be stuck to some depressed girl.... who now should be happy if shes found a guy she likes..

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Exactly. Just because she has baggage that doesn't make him a door man.

True clinical depression makes you shy away from people, become extremely sad/lethargic, have thoughts of self-worthlessness, etc. NOT flip out on other people. and depression isnt a disese, its not contagious.

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Yea. My mom lied and said she was depressed when she lost her job and laid around the house all the time watching Oprah. You are not depressed - you just want to be.

#19... how do you figure that? you can come to the realization that you're depressed. does that also mean because you know you're depressed that you're really not? which would mean that the clinically diagnosed depression that millions of people have means that they're "just looking for an excuse to act however you want with no consequence"?

@48 well i guess then that all of the diseases that aren't contagious really aren't diseases then too?

Oh noes a person not smiling? STAY AWAY STAY AWAY! @OP your ex is an idiot.

63, the way she stated it indicated she was actively looking for something other than herself to blame "flipping out" on. Her family happened to have a history of depression so she chose that despite it not matching up in the slightest. Depression doesn't make you angry. How does "I'm pissed off and have been taking it out on my BF, I must be extremely sad." make sense? It would have made sense if she said something like "Today, I told my boyfriend of nine months that depression runs in my family and I think the reason I've been distant lately ... (etc) FML" & 64, although some psychological problems are referred to as a "disease," the actual term primarily refers to bacterial, parasitic, etc forces originating from external sources that inevitably cause failure of vital organs. In psychology its sometimes (somewhat improperly) used to refer to disorders far removed from normal circumstances, and generally completely out of the person's control, such as schizophrenia. With those type of disorders life is completely unmanageable without assistance, whereas depression is fairly easily manageable; just sucks to have.

She could be, instead, manic-depressive, but I also doubt OP's that. However I'm not going baw at her for saying she THINKS she MIGHT be depressed, because it's one thing to say "I AM" on a self-diagnosis, another to say "I COULD BE" (meaning, "I might want to go see someone about this"). That being said, though, OP you don't know anything about depression if you think "flipping shit" is a symptom of it. I agree that some people just use it as an excuse or say they are just to act like it, and it's not only Depression they use but also several other disorders. I hate that. It's extremely disrespectful to people who DO have it. Haha, I had an autistic friend who, upon reading the whiny l33tspeek journal of a brat who was claiming to be autistic, called them out on it and verbally beat their ass. It was damned awesome. Said friend mentioned to me she hated it when people bullshitted like that for attention and pity, and she means frauds or not, because you CAN get help. You're not excused just because you're different. Which goes along with those people with Depression who choose to do nothing but baw about it. Anyway, yes OP's boyfriend doesn't HAVE to put up with her problems, no, and some people can't, and that's understandable, but if he claimed to truly like or love her, you'd think he'd try something, yes? But nah, he just turns tail and runs, not even saying "maybe we could just be friends" but saying "we should take a break" (meaning, not speak to or see each other at all).

Perhaps, perhaps not. You're right, timing is everything; if he was going to do it before, he should have manned up and just done it. Now he just comes out like an ass.

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wow, that is what you tell someoe who is "depressed" well aren't you a smart cookie!

thats not a disease. thats just a stupid little girls cry for attention.

Well he's right. I mean, maybe you should figure out your mental health issues instead of worrying about a relationship anyways.

Murder him in his sleep. That'll cure your depression.

There's something badly wrong with you..

YDI Drama Queen

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I agree. It's also so typical for somebody to use something like "depression runs in my family", that's why I've been such a big bitch. Grow up already.

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you two are assholes. the OP is probably a sweet girl

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Hahhahaha same excuse for "yeah, im on my period so when i full out slap you or yell at you in public for you not getting the right flavor ice cream... you know why."

depression is fairly common in my family and i was diagnosed a few months ago, however i had been feeling this way for a couple of years and didnt understand why. i have SEVERE depression, and it really does impact on my life. it doesnt just "suck to have", i went from being an a* student to failing, i havent been able to read a book in over a year and i have completely withdrawn myself from society and my "normal" life. im in counselling and ive been on 40mgs of fluxotine a day for a few months now too. im sixteen and my life has essentially stopped. my boyfriend of over a year hasnt yet left me, and i only informed him of my condition six months into our relationship. so yeah. it basically is a reasonable excuse, if you have it. but just thinking that it runs in your family and that you feel a bit shit doesnt mean that you have a pretty rough illness.

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what an ass!! trust me if he's gunna treat you like crap because of a psycological issue that you have that is by no means ur fault.........................I say show him a thing or two bout being civil

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Asking for a break from a bitchy girlfriend isn't "treating her like crap". Maybe she should treat HIM less like crap

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to be honest, i would probably break up with you too. maybe not five minutes later, but he's not obligated to be with you just because you're depressed.

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no its not! its a serious problem. only emo kids (are they still around?? they were when I was younger) are "depressed" like that. for others its an actaully psychological problem that can be uncontrolable. But I would have broken up with you too OP. he was only your bf, and not for very long, and if your as young as you sound, thats a lot for a kid to deal with, sorry, but its the hard truth.

Dude, your moron levels rose too high and the valve is blowing its little whistle. Watch out. :X

What the hell??? that is not accurate at all I have had severe depression for the past year and a half, and I can tell you I do not feel sorry for myself Depression is a medical condition, I and others like me dont have the right amount of certaing chemicals in our brains, and i can honestly tell you that when I, for example, get depressed, I dont feel sorry for myself. I just feel like nothing is good at all and that nothing will ever help, and no one can understand, which no one can unless they experience it. And it IS possible to flip out if you have depression, once I had this total emotional breakdown and i started flipping out over something really small and i couldnt control myself at all and i broke down sobbing. So i believe that the OP cud be flipping out...and depression runs in my family too. It IS possible to get it thru that. So i dont think anyone shud call the OP a liar or that dhe shud suck it up, because even though you may not know EXACTLY what its like to be depressed, ur just ignorant ass holes if you cant even respect a fricking mental illness.

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#62 Don't be surprised when that line of thinking (the 'no one cares' part) comes back to bite you in your ass big time.

Actually, depression is caused by a decreased level of serotonin and noradrenaline in the brain. There are both environmental and genetic components of it as well, though

This is why I don't wanna be in relationship. Damn frikken idiot men.

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Right, because that's the role of a man, to put up with a womans shit. This is why I don't wanna be in relationship. Damn frikken whining women.

High five to ElMundio87. If he doesn't want to be with some whining, angry bitch, he's got no obligation.

That's often what people will do when you say such things. Is it even possible for depression to "run in the family"?? Some chemical/physical imbalance leading to that perhaps, but the way you said it...

Yes it is, but its still entirely possible (and not very difficult) to avoid taking it out on everyone around you.

Something else that it may be that can also run in families and is commonly misdiagnosed as depression is bipolar disorder.. I have a friend who was told he had depression for the longest time but no treatments would work for him, until he met a doctor who figured out it was bipolar disorder and now he says he feels better than ever! =) Just one of those littles things that maybe you can help someone else out by letting them know someday.

Maybe you're depressed because you finally realize you're stupid. "I'm mentally unstable and might be angry at you for no reason and then start crying about nothing. Do you want to devote our every waking minute to trying in vain to make me happy?" Most rational, self-respecting men would say "no" to that question. It's not because there's something "wrong" with them. It's because they don't want to put up with unnecessary crap. Why would they? Get help.