By BURGERT0WN USA - United States - Redmond
Today, I texted the girl I'm going to homecoming with in a couple days to say hi. The conversation started OK, but then morphed into her saying that she doesn't feel anything between us, and wants to stop being friends after the dance. I have to buy her dinner and a ticket, out of my own wallet. FML
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  stormy0307  |  16

I had that exact thing happen to me twice. Once at homecoming and once at prom. Different girls, but as soon as we got in the door they took off to go dance with their friends and basically pushed me away from the group

  kirasant  |  19

She was honest, so I'd say all she gets is a ride. As she has zero intention of even being friends, then you don't owe her the ticket and meal. I really don't get why anyone would do this to someone.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

But she's not just saying she's not interested and using him, she's saying she doesn't even want to be friends. So ya, she's pretty awful in my opinion. Op, I'd go alone if I were you. As someone else already said, chances are she'll leave you and go dance with her friends and hang out with them all night and completely ignore you. If she has this lack of regard for your feelings now it's not like she's going to be any nicer during the dance. Get out while you can.

  Roaster94  |  5

Alpha fish I thought it was a little funny.
But I agree with 5, this girl is obviously just using this guy. Not his fault he is a beta male. OP don't succumb to a girl like that.

  ChadHelton  |  8

better thought, don't buy the ticket and text her you "don't want to be friends before the dance" about 5 min before your scheduled to pick her up.

By  Abhimanyu  |  14

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  leogachi  |  15

@17 Please don't insult women like that. I'd be willing to bet that most women would also consider this advice stupid.

  Rawrshi  |  25

#17 - "You must be a girl."

*ignores the obviously male photo and "mister" on the profile* gg.

  slavka012  |  11

#30, please treat my two statements separately. I did not imply that girls are stupid. I just could not fathom a guy to advise to go through self-humiliation like this. Hence I made guess.

  PANDORUM89  |  21

here is what most likely will happen if he takes her.
He goes to pick her up awkward conversation the whole way or silence. or she will do what some girls do when its awkward in a car... "oh I love this song!" *cranks the volume up too high to talk over*

then they get to dinner. if it's just them it will be very awkward if it's with a group she will 100% ignore him unless a friend comments on how good he looks. then she will be all over him. he will either have to sit and be ignored by her friends or hopefully he is friends with some of the guys.

at the dance he can either stalk her the whole time which will end up in a fight where the line "I know you're like in love with me or something but ...." will be said. or he can not talk to her for the rest of the evening. probs not do any couple dances. and overall have a shitty time at an event that overall cost him about $200.00.

that is how a snide greedy bitch works. So OP is better off telling her to suck a hard one and finding another date. idky you'd suggest him just stick it out to learn how to handle it next time...

handle it the right way now and kick that girl to the curb.