By norelaxtime - 20/4/2021 08:00 - United States - Lexington

Go to a doctor

Today, I spent all day on the toilet trying to pee and when I did, very little would come out. I would stand up, sit on the couch then go back to the toilet. I have been going to the bathroom around 30 times, including last night trying to fall asleep. Worst day. FML
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By  bleachedraven  |  12

Go see a dr please

By  xxlk4xx  |  5

Definitely sounds like uti, those aren't fun at all! I found drinking an Arizona green tea then lots of water used to help me a lot, but definitely go see your dr

I know that other commenters have already said this...but PLEASE contact a physician!
These symptoms could be a sign of prostate cancer or kidney failure.
You probably “just” have a UTI, but better safe than sorry.