By SadOldBag - 23/08/2018 21:30 - United States - Estero

Today, I received the gifts of my period, diarrhea, severe dizziness and double vision, and an ant infestation in my home. These were followed by the glaring absence of any gifts from my husband. Happy 40th to me. FML
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You might want to visit your doctor and get yourself checked out. Once you're okay, remind your husband that he's a turd. Oh, and happy birthday! 40 is the new black. Or however that saying goes.

Make sure you get yourself checked out! My mom had double vision issues and multiple problems that was due to a cranial nerve issue... make sure you look into it!


Maybe he gave you 40 ants! ....then 40 more, and 40 more, and 40 more....

That’s overreacting.

Is this what happens when you become an adult?

Be great full you have a husband :)