By Anonymous - 26/06/2013 07:09 - Australia

Today, I received 5 missed calls from a florist stating that they were having problems delivering a bouquet from my ex. I was thrilled at the idea of a reconciliation. Turns out however that he just got mine and his new girlfriend's phone numbers confused. FML
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You should move on at this point, OP.

Maybe he's trying to make you feel jealous?


You should move on at this point, OP.

That's exactly what I was thinking. If OP is still getting "thrilled" by these kinds of things, maybe it's time to move on. Especially when it was for his new girlfriend... I mean, there is a reason why he is your ex, right?

his loss! move on OP, guarantee there's love out there for you :)

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Her boyfriend is probably like these other cold people who have dulled their emotions through multiple relationships.

or her ex is like many other people and just moved on. Moving on after a failed relationship is a healthy thing, it doesn't make you 'cold'. I think op needs to do just that, move on.

She said she was happy at the idea of reconciliation; that doesn't mean getting back together. Maybe they had a bad split and she just wants to get over any harsh feelings.

How can he not use different names for the two of you in his phone's contacts?

He probably just lists his girlfriend as "Babe".

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Exactly! Who can he keep up? Babe1 Babe7 it's all the same.

My condolences OP, but honestly, I believe you should move on, its high time that you should.

Maybe he's trying to make you feel jealous?

And if he's "ex" for a good reason? The heart is conflicting.

That, but I don't know many people who confuse their ex's number for their current girlfriend, maybe it was subconscious, and he was thinkin of you all along

Just tell the florists that you know the intended recipient and to deliver the flowers to you. Then tactfully turn the bouquet into one suitable for condolence and arrange to deliver it to your ex's new gf. Later sit back and enjoy the moment ;-p

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What does that gibberish mean?

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Stupid is as stupid does. You probably dodged a bullet by not ending up with that one. On the other hand, he'd probably be too dumb to cheat on you -- accidentally showing up at home instead of meeting his mistress at the motel.