By doemetoch - 07/04/2014 13:49 - Belgium - Brussels

Today, I really needed to be cheered up a bit after having had a horrible, depressing weekend. Luckily the guy I've been dating for some time, and who I really like, invited me over for dinner. Apparently, he wanted to see me so he could tell me he thinks we should stop seeing each other. FML
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OP here (yeah, I decided to make an account.) You're all right about him being very polite and all that, he was super sweet and mature about it and I could see he felt genuinely bad. But you know... somehow it's easier if a guy breaks up in a stupid way, at least then you're like "ugh, whatever, I deserve better than this anyway!" Or is that just me?

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Kudos to him for having the strength and courtesy to do it in person.

Nothing a little B and J can't fix. It sucks now but try to keep your head up. Yes I was talking about ice cream.


It sounds to me like nothing is happening next...

Well #12, he might come back to apologize and say that he was wrong, but in any case, I would not take him back OP.

What happens next? A family of rhinos taking OP in as one of their own? Maybe OP befriends the only talking shark on the planet...? The world may never know.

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#23 I feel like he broke up with her in an extremely polite way, what could you possibly hold against him.

Well, I never said that I had anything against him, it is just that if he decided that he did not like you enough to continue seeing you any more, then there is no stopping him from reaching that desicion once again, and make OP's shattered heart, go to ever more and smaller pieces. Maybe also damaging future relationships that OP might have becouse of trust issues from previous relationships.

Kudos to him for having the strength and courtesy to do it in person.

Ice cream is a good plan. One night stands are, generally speaking, not such a good plan. Especially right after a break up.

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Really one night stands are never good. But ice cream (except for lactose intolerant people) is always a good idea.

#56 that attitude is what makes US overweight.

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saying ice cream is a good idea is what makes the US fat?? ok OP you just got dumped, go bench press a little bit, do a couple laps around the block and don't forget about leg day..

Agree that #57's comment is dumb but actually exercise can make you feel so much better. It helps a lot of people get through depression.

32, I've noticed that almost, if not all of your comments are about sex..

Nothing a little B and J can't fix. It sucks now but try to keep your head up. Yes I was talking about ice cream.

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B&J, J&B, which ever works best for you.

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15, except for its Ben and Jerry, not Jerry and Ben. Lol.

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Wow Nurse Joy. That went in a completely different direction than I was hoping it would.

J&B is a brand of scotch, meaning 15 suggests drinking instead of ice cream.

nurse joy has red hair and doesnt hold pie

that looks more like Serena from Sailor Moon... dressed as a nurse? i dont remember that in the series though

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It's Nurse Joy, dammit, now stop interrupting my fantasies!

Blow Dryer! Oh wait that starts with a D.. Get it? D.. *badum tsss* ok, nevermind..

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Get over it and move on. Go get yourself 24 ass-fire flavor chicken wings, a bottle of Scotch to drown your sorrows, then give a rim-job to the first guy you see. You'll be over him tomorrow, good luck.

Damn son, you're living the life aren't you.

Give someone a rimjob? Somehow I don't think that would make anyone feel better :s

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Haven't seen a famous boners comment in a while.

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#10, you give rimjobs to random stranger? D:

Maybe he gets rimjobs from random strangers every night.

So Alan... do you have plans this evening?

I hope she finds happiness in something else.

That's terrible, sorry OP. Atleast u r done with all the crappy ppl in ur life and spring is around the corner... Hopefully there will be only good going forward for you!!! But he did try to be polite and did it in person and in a very nice way and tried not to offend u.. So the dinner and his attitude should count for something.. May be he isn't ur bf anymore but atleast u may have a good friend on good terms :)

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It is spring. Which planet are you living on?

Crapy people? Grow up. Breaking up with someone doesn't make him a crappy person. It's sounds to me that he was rather polite about the whole thing.

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#26 its April here and cold as balls still man. Spring is cold right now. I wouldn't call this spring.

Well at least he didn't do it over the phone

in this situation I would've preferred a call instead of wasting my time trying to see him only to tell me he doesn't want to see me.

Everything that can possibly go wrong, will. But now the only way left to go is up! And I agree with the others, at least he ended things properly and just didn't stop talking to you or something rude like that.

Could be worse most guys don't have the balls to break up face to face. The fact that he did means that he cared enough about you to make it more personal