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By  MoNnEy_MiiTE  |  3

Well atleast they got it all out of their system haha. You should let your parents yell out their feelings to him so they have a fresh start. And you will have the febreeze parents!

  Osito2011  |  9

Racism at its best. I bet op parents knows the difference, it's just that they are racist pricks. I bet op foreign exchange student speaks pretty good english. Also, I think op's parents are trying to put on a show to their friends that they are not racist. Which everyone knows, deep down inside that they are racist.

  PlaySpades  |  21

58- there's nothing in the entire FML that even implies that the exchange students are of a different race than OPs parents. Besides, they're Canadian. There's no such thing as a racist Canadian.

  kmsdvm24  |  11

Or she's scared and trying not to show it =S I would definitely be unnerved if I came to a foreign country and my host family kept yelling at me.


Not necessarily. Not all deaf people are 100% deaf and just require for you to speak louder. I know cause my best friends daughter is considered deaf but she can hear as long as you speak very loudly.

By  jnaust  |  8

I love this!
Oh you can't understand me, hmmm maybe if I yell like you a deaf retard that will help. "CAAANNN YOOOUUU UUUNNDERRSTAAANNDDD MEEE NNNOOWW?"