By anonymous - 21/08/2012 23:17 - Canada - Airdrie

Today, I found out that my parents don't know the difference between a foreign person and a deaf person. They've been yelling at our exchange student for the past 2 days. FML
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I hate stupid people.

And parents think that us "youth" are cocky know it alls


MoNnEy_MiiTE 3

Well atleast they got it all out of their system haha. You should let your parents yell out their feelings to him so they have a fresh start. And you will have the febreeze parents!

*takes a photo of #2's comment* *adds a "CRACK KILLS" caption to it* Better.

eshaa 5

Fail, at trying to be funny -__-

9- I laughed. Keep up the good work.

10, 24: Are you two upset because it would apply to you as well?

39 - apparently it is a fail considering it seems to just make ya stupid... If it killed we wouldn't have 2's post to reply to. ;-)

9- Hit the nail on the head. Bravo!

eshaa 5

No(: not at all i just found it funny how he tried to make a funny comment but failed.. I wasn't aiming for likes

I think 24 means comment 2 not comment 9 loo but I could be wrong

eshaa 5


And parents think that us "youth" are cocky know it alls

Some are, yes. But not all. Yelling at a deaf person won't really help then hear. Well unless they're only partially deaf.

21, I saw your picture and thought 3 was replying to himself, then I saw the name. O_O

Either 21 saw my comment and changed his pic, or my phone be playin some trippy tricks on me... disregard the last comment I guess.

Osito2011 9

Racism at its best. I bet op parents knows the difference, it's just that they are racist pricks. I bet op foreign exchange student speaks pretty good english. Also, I think op's parents are trying to put on a show to their friends that they are not racist. Which everyone knows, deep down inside that they are racist.

I'm not cocky I am black star! Yaaahoo! When he said cocky that's the first thing that came to mind.

58- there's nothing in the entire FML that even implies that the exchange students are of a different race than OPs parents. Besides, they're Canadian. There's no such thing as a racist Canadian.

RocketNinjaFish 12

#64, it says "foreign people" in the fml. that implies the exchange student is from another race, or at least another country.

I hate stupid people.

What's with that useless comment ! I hate people who write dumb things.

Probably referring to his parents.

If you are referring to the parents stupidity, then I agree as well. If it's about the foreign exchange student, then that's dumb.

Then you would absolutely despise me.

25- I do believe he was referring to you.

weeabaka 6

Doesn't matter. The username makes it alright. The bitch can say whatever he wants.

i think they r rude

and i think u need 2 learn how 2 spell

well I don't have to spell are it's easy if u just spell it r get it

Then you should talk to them like they are little babies or something and see how they like it.

do your parents happen to be mentally challenged?

flutter4 7

They sound very rude

More like ignorant. They should speak slowly and clearly if the person is having difficulty understanding, not loudly.

Sucks for her. She probably thinks she's doing something wrong, even though she isn't.

Oh wait, it could be a guy....

Or she's scared and trying not to show it =S I would definitely be unnerved if I came to a foreign country and my host family kept yelling at me.

AndriaLeeB 5

Yelling at deaf people will do about as much as yelling at foreign people, nothing. It'd be stupid to yell at a deaf person too.

You don't say?

Not necessarily. Not all deaf people are 100% deaf and just require for you to speak louder. I know cause my best friends daughter is considered deaf but she can hear as long as you speak very loudly.

Then technically wouldn't they be hard of hearing, not deaf?

I love this! Oh you can't understand me, hmmm maybe if I yell like you a deaf retard that will help. "CAAANNN YOOOUUU UUUNNDERRSTAAANNDDD MEEE NNNOOWW?"

wildsweetchild 19

-Notes of the emigrant.

"Do you speak-a any English? Do you understand the words that are coming outta my mouth!?"

BreeannHatesYou 4

"Man, don't nobody understand the words that are comin' outta your mouth!"