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Today, I was diagnosed with chronic vomiting. I've gone to 7 doctors and tried 13 different medicines, with none of them working. I've gone to therapy and taken up yoga with no change. So apparently, throwing up daily at random times is the new normal for me. Yay. FML
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Hey y'all OP here- I wasn't really expecting for this to get published! Just here to answer a few questions. First off, this obviously didn't just start happening today, it been an ongoing issue since February-- that's just how FML works. Secondly, I'm 17 years old which means I've been experiencing this all while in high school, which has been SUPER fun. But yes, I've had an MRI, several sonograms, lots of blood work taken and tested, and I took a very intense allergy test. The only thing all of that revealed was that I had a minor milk allergy. So I've completely cut out all milk (which FYI, you'd be surprised at how many things have milk in them), with still no change. I've tried several medications, some of which have provided their own not-so-fun side effects. But at this point I'm just trying to treat it with vitamins and by lowering my stress levels. All my friends and family know about, so I always carry a barf bag and tooth brush with me. Hopefully it will go away on its own, because it's really not as fun as it sounds. Thanks for your kind comments and helpful suggestions though!!

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This can really damage your esophagus and teeth over time. The same as bulimia. Keep trying to find answers.

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You might have to be traded in for the new model.


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You might have to be traded in for the new model.

I'm sorry OP that you have to deal with that. Having chronic vomiting isn't really a diagnosis to me though, it's more so a symptom. I'm sorry you don't really have an answer as to why you vomit randomly and I'm sure the doctors, all 7 of them, have tried to figure out. Hopefully you find a cause and get to the root of the problem, otherwise I guess find out certain triggers, carry a dark bag with you, and try to notice signs of when it might happen to better prepare yourself. Good luck!

A friend of mine had this for most of her life, with the process of elimination she found out that she couldn't eat gluten, as soon as she cut it out and went gluten free she was fine. She knows if something she's eaten contains gluten because she'll be bringing it back up shortly after eating it. OP should check for food intolerances.

That what I was thinking, some type food intake or maybe even stress.

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Wow, that's quite a jump you just made there! I, for one, am having trouble connecting the dots between chronic vomiting and marijuana. For all we know, maybe OP has tried marijuana, with no luck.

Wow, what a conclusion! Don't get too angry number 3. There's far more important things to be mad about other than marijuana. Marijuana doesn't cure everything.

well #17, medical Marijuana has been approved in some states to treat nausea and vomiting. I do agree that Marijuana has a better chance of helping OP than any kind of pharmaceutical.

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Thank you, 33 --that was the point I was making. I don't think it's a jump to think marijuana can help with vomiting since it actually has been proven to work with cancer patients with issues derived from chemo or radiation that have similar side effects.

Actually consumption of marijuana can cause cyclical vomiting syndrome, a condition in which you vomit for no particular reason. Weed isn't the answer to all health problems

This can really damage your esophagus and teeth over time. The same as bulimia. Keep trying to find answers.

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not only that but deficiencies and dehydration for sure teeth/hair falling out, brittle bones, weakness & could pass out if you end up throwing up too much...this is serious

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And affect blood pressure and kidney function. I fought bulimia for about a decade (finally recovered), and the resultant electrolyte imbalance caused several health issues. Please keep searching for answers, or at least ways to alleviate the symptoms. Frequent vomiting can be fatal (ruptured esophagus and/or stomach).

Two serious question, do you smoke weed and do hot shower strangely help. If the answer to these questions is yes then weed is the problem. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, look it up it's rare but in weed smokers but is difficult for doctors to diagnose for one reason or another. If you don't smoke weed then seriously good luck, I have been there.

A friend of mine smokes an almighty amount of weed, and can't stop puking. I shall mention this to them. Thanks.

To reply to #10, it is entirely possible that the smoking of weed has caused their problem but at the other end of the scale if they don't smoke at all then maybe they should give it a try? Provided it's legal of course! Marijuana has great anti-emetic properties and might be able to help you out. And no, you don't need to get stoned all the time for the benefits. Have a look at wax pens for example, they allow medicating with this amazing plant discreetly and without affecting your day at all :)

Trust me I know the benefits of weed, I started smoking because I worked a graveyard shift in production. Smoking weed is what gave me the appetite to actually eat at all hours of the night. After experiencing two episodes of CHS first hand and having it go undiagnosed the first time I have to ask. It really sucks not knowing the cause of such intense vomiting.

But wait, there's more. With this you can be the next superhero! Please write marvel as soon as possible, and maybe you can get a role as vomit man/girl. You really shouldn't pass this chance OP.