FML - The follow-up

Today, I pulled a muscle in my arm from eagerly scratching off a lottery ticket. No, I didn't win anything. FML

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LOL These comments are all hilarious. xD Yeah, I admit, I probably DID deserve it =P Lotto tickets are a money drainage.. =/ Course, you win a few times.. here and there, you get addicted thinking "OK! I am going to win this time!" Yeah.. I really need to stop buying them all the time. It's pathetic how much money I've wasted.. =/ I vote YDI for myself, lol.
By Kotoko - / Saturday 6 April 2013 04:59 / United States - Wylie
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Quit while you're ahead. They wouldn't be selling them unless they were statistically making a profit, and the more you buy the more you fall into statistics.


Full body workout? I'm trying to see how he'd manage an ab crunch. Ooh ooh, I know! Tape it to his knees, and then put a quarter in his mouth, and every rep scratch a bit off.

How do you pull a muscle from scratching a lottery ticket? I get that you were eager but unless you moved your entire arm furiously while scratching I see it impossible to do so.

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