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Today, I found out that just because you express mail something, it doesn't mean the post office won't still lose it. What did they lose? My signed marriage license. We spent all that time and money to get married on the day of our choosing, and our marriage isn't even valid. FML
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Thank you for your kind words. People don't understand that we did everything to get it there on time and backed it up with express mail which is overnight delivery to ensure or very important document was received on time. The sad thing is, those employed at the post office just don't care.

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That's really bad. I feel for you. Post offices aren't reliable like they were at one point I guess.

You should definitely file a complaint I'm sorry that your big day got ruined by a technicality


That's really bad. I feel for you. Post offices aren't reliable like they were at one point I guess.

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I don't think they've ever been reliable, I've lost so many things because of them!

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But it's a good thing. He can still escape with his balls & his money

You should have done it a few days before or used UPS or FedEx. The USPS really sucks because the workers don't really give two ***** what happens to you mail!

Really? I would've said either USPS or FedEx. I've had terrible situations when things are mailed through ups.

When dealing with thousands upon thousands of parcels and letters a day, a couple of things are going to "get lost." It's not that the employees don't care. Everyone who looks down at the post office should go work for them and see what it's like instead of bitching about how horrible it's gotten.

Lol I guess I got lucky then. I've never had a problem.

I agree with plaid panda... I work for the postal service and shit really does happen. We're human too. I also recently got married, it doesn't matter when they get the license, it's about the date YOU write. (side note: my county clerk and recorders office faced mine in the day after... Will yours not do that?)

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7-I'm sorry but that duck face irks me.

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It's just a piece of paper that the govt says you need. You marriage is valid and you can get another lic signed and back dated. The postal service sucks now that they are broke

At least you save money on your divorce. And you don't even need a prenup. You sir got lucky.

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78- I'd think it would be a joyous event. Start apoppin' the chamaign! The marraige liscense is late! Woohooo!!!1!11!etc.etc.

OP- You're right, the post office is absolute shit. My mother used to work there and now tells stories of how people would forget about or purposely displace mail or even large boxes of packages. I even distinctly remember hopping in a mail cart and letting someone push me around (multiple times) when I was little. Yes, this is what happens to your mail. Also, for future reference, they're more likely to lose whatever it is if it has to get to its destination faster. Good luck with the situation.

They 'lost' a hand forged and crafted spear one of my buddies made. You don't just lose a 7 foot package, someone probably scanned it, saw 'medieval spear' and took it. And shit, I sent something in the mail today

Ups likes to place small packages in front of garage doors instead of in front of the columns. I don't know what it is but common sense is a vurtue when placing boxes, stuff can get run over.

That's horrible! Surely there is some way you can get that resolved.

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Thank you for your kind words. People don't understand that we did everything to get it there on time and backed it up with express mail which is overnight delivery to ensure or very important document was received on time. The sad thing is, those employed at the post office just don't care.

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Wrong. I'm a lady, I make the majority if the money and I still would never have signed a pre-nup because we married for love, and yes, we do still need a divorce if it goes down hill. We are married as we pledged our vows in front of witnesses and our deputy commissioner...

I'm amazed at the amount of people talking shit about USPS. I've been doing business on EBay since 2000, and have shipped/received 500+ packages, money orders, etc. with USPS and never had a single problem. I guess all it takes is one time and all of a sudden they lose 'everything'.

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Your still getting married on the same day and are gonna have a valid license. Its about what it means to each other not what a little piece of paper says.

What, your virginity? Don't blame that on the post office.

I still have my virginity and i am 43. the same thing happened to me on my wedding day and my wife left me for it

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USPS gets a bad rep for nothing! like 119, I've been using USPS for over 7 years in order to conduct my online business and not once, have they lost anything sent either via delivery confirmation or not. Furthermore, they're pretty generous with their policies. You can sneak in perfumes (which is not allowed to be shipped via air), 1-2 oz. over the postage (1-2 oz extra do add up in when you're dealing with a million packages) and small stuff like that without them returning your package to you. I always drop off my packages that are over 13oz. in the blue boxes even though you're supposed to taken them when I'm in a hurry. I will agree that they are slightly overpriced and unorganized and even have long waiting times but in terms of getting shit delivered, they really are outstanding! Plus, over the recent years they've really upped their shipping speed. I remember 7 years ago, parcel and media mail took close to two week or later to get to the customers but nowadays, if you use delivery confirmation, they are delivered in less than a week. keeps my customers happy and saves me from using priority mail!

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59- It's okay, your blue hair makes me think of the smurfs. :)

But smurfs don't have blue hair, but hey I'd rather be thought of as a smurf then a duck.

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People hold the USPS to an impossible standard. If you say that losing a thousand pieces of mail a day is too much, consider that that is only 0.00004%. You may have heard the phrase "five nines" which is used by web hosts to describe the uptime for the websites they host: that means that the website has to be up 99.999% of the time to achieve that goal. In 2010, the USPS delivered 77 billion first-class mail items. They could lose, misdeliver, or otherwise mishandle over 20,000 of these items per day and still meet this "five nines" quality of service. Something to think about.

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172-aww but who doesn't love the smurfs? But it's alright I'm okay with being called the smurfs:)

My brother-in-law lost his US passport on the mail. He had to make a new passport and reapply for his visa to visit us.

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Yeah, my mom tried to send me my medication via USPS, and it was supposed to get to my college in 3 days. It somehow ended up back up in my hometown about a week and a half later, and my mom had to resend it via FedEx. It got here two weeks after it was supposed to.

I've had some items completely destroyed when they arrived via ups, like, more than 3.

So your free!? Take this opportunity and RUN! On a more serious note, why would you mail a signed marriage license?

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Sweet mother of vaginas! It's YOU'RE not your. Your free what; compared to you are free. Also your comment is poorly thought through.

Um 2, you mail it to the marriage office

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I didn't have to mail mine. I walked it over to the parish court house the next day. And mailed a certified copy for everything else I needed it for.

You should definitely file a complaint I'm sorry that your big day got ruined by a technicality

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I didn't realize someone losing your mail was a technicality.

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34- Someone losing your mail isn't a technicality. However, the fact that their marriage doesn't count simply because they don't have a piece of paper is. Technically, according to the law, they're not married.

OP shouldn't let it ruin her day. Sure it sucks, but they're not gathering together to celebrate some writing on a piece of paper. They're gathering together to celebrate the love that they share! Enjoy the friends, family, dancing, and booze and be excited about the imperfect adventure you're embarking on with your unofficial husband!

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The day itself wasn't ruined, it was the aftermath that turned hellish. Sitting at the post office for hours and then going to the county recorder's office to see what they can do to help hasn't been a world of fun. :)

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Lois: "Chris, that's a bad word.... Nipples....."

That's why I always make a copy of the original whenever I send anything through mail, or to any business or entities, sometimes it's the post office's fault, but you would be surprised, how many times the businesses can screw up your mails, and blame it on you.

That will probably make it awkward when the marriage anniversary comes around.... I hope you can be officially married soon :)

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It was an easy fix aftetall...even thoughit had expired and wasn't returned within the alloted time, due to our receipt from the post office, the county recorder charged us for a duplicate and we just had to have our officiant and witnesses fill out their part. We are allowed to walk this one in :)

Geeze, you got charged for a duplicate because the post office lost your original? That sucks :(

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^ Or you could combine the two and be "fed-UP", just like Op. :P Sorry, I just couldn't help making a bad pun. ;P

83-that was actually pretty good in my opinion. But no one cares about my opinion. Kudos to you sir.

83 that was actually pretty original. Keep it up.

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Exactly, I would think the office where they got it would have an official copy. People lose license all the time. I don't think their marriage is invalid because of this.

Exactly. I don't stop existing if I lose my birth certificate.

73- yes, but it's a lot harder to prove who you are if you go about losing these types of things. It's just how the system works.

It's not difficult at all. I've needed my birth certificate a total of once in my life (driver's license).

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Op the license is just a paper as long as you proclaimed your love before God, state and yourselves, you can always get another license.

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