By LaFrancesa - 08/07/2013 03:28 - Mexico - Chihuahua

Today, as an overprotective mother, I asked my 19 year-old son, who was going to spend his day on the beach, if he’d taken any protection with him. He pulled out a box of condoms, beaming with pride. I was talking about suntan lotion. FML
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You've raised a good boy if he doesn't even hesitate to show you his Big Box O' Condoms!

sylvienoir 18

Well, you asked.


sylvienoir 18

Well, you asked.

You've raised a good boy if he doesn't even hesitate to show you his Big Box O' Condoms!

Did you cuddle with him the wrong way when he was little?

I'm starting to think yours did based on your eagerness to post gross, sexualized comments on everything....

I'm not trying to defend him but you do realize he's just referencing another FML...

Your bio as well as your comment make uncomfortable on what you do in your spare time.

I mean, hey. Both are important.

I personally think it's a good thing that if he's going to have sex (and seriously, it's practically impossible to stop determined teenagers from fucking like rabbits), he's going to be doing it safely (yes, I know the condom can break, and some STDs have a chance of bypassing condoms, but it's still so ridiculously effective when used right that those possibilities shouldn't even be a major consideration).

Good parenting!

Why use the word "protection" and not simply "sunscreen"?

To be honest, I'd be beaming with pride myself if that was my son; he's practicing safe sex.

Do you mean..sunscreen? Suntan lotion isn't going to do anything to protect your kids skin, as far as I'm aware.

#9 suntan lotion is what we call it in the UK or suncream

If I was his father I would be proud too