By Thanks Babe - 20/04/2013 23:40 - United States - Aurora

Today, I woke up feeling awful, having caught the same illness my boyfriend had last night. When he was sick, I skipped my friend's baby shower to take care of him. Now that I'm sick, he goes to a friend's place, says to call if I need him, then turns his phone off. Seriously. FML
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That sucks, next time he has man flu make sure you leave his ass to wallow in it!


look at the date...of course he didn't mean it! condolences, OP. ;P

lol free xbox live gold of course xD lol why am I even on here when I could be playing??

That sucks, next time he has man flu make sure you leave his ass to wallow in it!

lol the irony maybe he really wanted to play poker ;)

Sounds like you gotta shut him off for good and find someone better.

i dont get why so many people here say dump him bla bla because he did something bad, what happened with talking to someone if something bothers you in a relationship?

I don't see how talking to him would change anything. Does one really need to be told what being a decent person means?

I don't get why so many people on here say "what happened to communicating in a relationship?". First, this is FML. No one's giving solid advice that they actually expect OP to listen to. Second, that guy's an absolute asshole and no one should put up with that.

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Question to think about: Was OP's boyfriend's friend stationed in a basement or elsewhere with poor reception? When I send messages to, or call my friends, I usually arrive at their homes 10min before my text/phone call notification. Either the BF was being a dick, or there wasn't any reception.

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#48- Either way he was being a dick. He left when she was sick, instead of taking care of her like she had done for him.

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I understand that you should never leave someone you care about alone when they're sick, but I'm just pointing out some things that would reduce the potential levels of dickiness.

22 it is that attitude why so many submit stories about bring single and lonely. When you expect others to be perfect and are willing to dump them over something that usually can be sorted out over something small, you go through the amount of people who are willing to deal with that attitude pretty quick and end up being the crazy cat person pretty young.

If he can't return the favour, bitch slap his ass and **** him off.

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He may like the second part.

Maybe the first part too, who knows.

Sounds like time to dump him. What a heartless bastard he is.

It doesn't matter how many times I read FMLs about uncaring spouses/significant others/etc, I'm always surprised with just how mean some of them can be. Especially to the people they supposedly love. :(

If they live together, his bed is also her bed...which she's probably spending most of her time in while she's sick...and he isn't even currently staying there. How exactly would that work out in Ops favor?

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Like OMG! You should like totally shit on his bed! Lol Grow up.