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Today, I overheard my brother telling his friend that having sex with a girl who's on the pill gives the guy female hormones and "turns you into like, half-chick, half-dude." He was serious. How am I related to this moron? FML
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  Akouseur  |  7

It's actually possible to be WORSE than abstinence only. I discovered this. A free period/ovulation tracker has taught me more about my period than the sex ed class ever did. Example "you ovulate a few days before your period, don't have sex then and you WON'T get pregnant"

  I_Bite  |  22

#47 it is possible to get pregnant when you aren't ovulating, if you have sex 2-3 days before you start ovulating you can still get pregnant (less of a chance but you can) couldn't tell if you were kidding, just wanted to make sure you know :)

  Akouseur  |  7

Oh I know. But I'm dead serious, the teacher said as long as you didn't have sex the few days before your period (what they claimed was ovulation) you would have no chance of getting pregnant. ._.
And then I get the tracker app only to discover it's actually midway through your cycle, and that ovulation is just when you have the HIGHEST CHANCE of getting pregnant, not the only time it can happen.
The also said your period only came a certain week every month. *sighs* They sucked. So badly.
The also said the only "symptoms" of PMS were cramps. :|

  SailorSolaris  |  43

Agreed, #1. My boyfriend's sex ed consisted of the teacher telling them "If we tell you not to have sex, you won't listen and we know it. Therefore, this is everything you need to know to be safe." So...yeah.

  SLTgirl  |  9

Hopefully abstinent, or at least not reproduce. I'm hoping he's really young - preteen at least so he can learn about sex since sex ed hasn't helped him yet.

  jlnotary  |  33

Yes, because misinformation regarding sexual education is ALWAYS the best route to discourage unwanted outcomes and abstinence totally works as a solution.

Note: sarcasm