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Today, I was grading work my students had done with a sub. I realized one student had gotten hold of the teachers' edition of the textbook when I read ten papers in a row that had "Student answers may vary" as the answer to problem number four. My students can't even cheat properly. FML
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Op here. As most teachers will tell you, kids cheat all the time and badly, too. I usually write my own tests and worksheets and only write up answer keys when I need them, which does cut down on cheating. I didn't even realize I had a teacher's edition of the textbook until I came across those answers. On that day I had a family emergency and figured book work practice for an upcoming test would be fine. I did talk to the students involved and their parents. Unfortunately, several of the kids involved are habitual truants and failing my class anyway, so suspension, detention and a zero on the assignment don't mean much to them. A few of the kids involved, though they struggle, do come to class everyday and try, they just made a stupid decision. After a long (and embarrassing for them) talk with me, they (hopefully) have learned a lesson about cheating and blindly following others.

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Should write "Teacher grades may vary. See me after class" on all those that attempted to cheat but failed miserably.

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Sucks for them! I hope you suspended them or gave them a grade they deserved.


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Sucks for them! I hope you suspended them or gave them a grade they deserved.

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I don't think you can suspend that many students.

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But guys, she said "I realized one student", seeee! It says one! Oh em geez, you guys have no clue what's going on. *Please read that a hilariously sarcastic tone, elevating your voice everytime you see 2 or more "E's" side by side.*

60- that was the most stupidest and random thing my brain had to waste energy and time on to read.

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#1 Errmmm suspension may be a little over the top . I say give them an essay ! The ones who cheated at least .

Should write "Teacher grades may vary. See me after class" on all those that attempted to cheat but failed miserably.

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I'm a substitute teacher, and I was afraid this was about me when I read it. Someone tried to pull this when I had the teacher's edition open. I was subbing third grade math. It wasn't in California, though.

I'm a substitute teacher as well. I'm always fearful I'll make some sort of mistake when going into a classroom. Now I have been reminded why.

That's great. Guard your answer key a little better next time?

"I was grading work my students had done with a sub" The sub will have had the textbook, not the teacher. Do people actually read the FML's before they post stupid comments?

This is the internet, half the things on it is stupid...

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...probably the best we'll ever see

nix1993, if the sub had the teacher's edition, then the cheating students wouldn't have been able to do so, correct?

How stupid does one have to be to cheat that badly???

That class students stupid!! That's how stupid you have to be.

#66 were you 1 of the 10 that failed at cheating?

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cheating without getting caught takes ninja skills

But cheating this badly is just unbelievably stupid.

Psh, it doesn't take a ninja to cheat. All you have to do is pass notes during a test without getting caught, or copy someone's homework before class. But obviously, you're the one writing the answer down on your paper either way, so you should know if you're getting a BS answer like that. The students must be really dumb to have written 'student answers may vary' on their paper. The teacher might as well just teach them how to cheat properly, otherwise they might have no chance in life.

You failed as a teacher if you couldn't teach them properly on how to cheat.

As a teacher you don't teach your students to cheat, you idiot. This is obviously a lack of common sense that caused this.

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#19 It's not a joke. Jokes require the prerequisite of being AT LEAST vaguely funny.

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If we could harness the collective anal clench of all the FML members, I swear we'd likely be able to generate the world's longest-lasting clean energy source.

That image made me chuckle for some reason... My minds broke :c

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The FML community has the sarcasm sense of a 5 week old cadaver.

You failed at knowing sarcasm idiot. Automatic F- hahaha

Write a stupid comment and got down voted? Just claim that it was sarcasm!

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That's just impressively bad. At least now you know which students need the most focus when standardized testing season rolls around.

Give them the grade as "Students scores may vary"

One of my teachers were talking about the same thing a few days ago: some students had gotten hold of some answer-sheets we for some hand-ins we were supposed to do. Some people handed them without even changing the name of said teacher... The teacher said that students who cheat or are suspected of cheating will not get the hand-ins approved. As simple as that. You should try it too.

Tbh, if a teacher didn't accept a paper or a hand-in because they -suspect- that I'm cheating I would just tell them to **** off and go to the principal..

It's not suspected cheating. She has the proof in answer #4.

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I had a student who obviously cheated on a makeup test, which was different than the original test, so the answers would not be the same. I handed it back to him and said it was not the same test so he failed and asked if he would like to retake it. He did and after that he was a model student. I could have suspended him and he knew that.

The teacher has every right to not accept work. In the same vein, a lot of teachers don't accept late work. And do you really think "The teacher wouldn't accept my work because I cheated" is going to impress a principal? Get real.

#29 I remember kids like you in school! "You don't have proof I was cheating! I wanna talk to the principle! You just hate me!" This isn't the American legal system, a teacher doesn't need to provide 3 different camera angles, a blood soaked pencil, and a signed and notarized cheat sheet to know you were cheating.

I am honestly amazed by this level of stupidity. I believe the gene pool has become too saturated with idiots because medical science saves too many people that deserved removal from said gene pool.

it doesn't help the the average number of kids with parents of iqs below 90 is 4 and above 120 is 1

Is that an average of countries, states, hemispheres? You should probably specify before making a extremely vague and empty scientific statement without at least a small census to back you up.

I'm not sure about 24s numbers but I've also heard that "smarter" (ie more educated) people have less kids than people without as much education. I think that might be more of an issue with poverty, but it makes since.

51 - Smarter people have FEWER children, not "less" children. That is one of my biggest grammar pet peeves.