By km0064 - United States
Today, my hamster went missing. I walked down the stairs into my basement, to find my hamster's head on the stairs, and its body in my cat's mouth. FML
km0064 tells us more :
Okay, so I'm the 1 who wrote this FML, and i would just like to inform everyone that 1.) yes, i do own a dog..3 actually, so i can complete the food chain. 2.) this is not cat decapatates animals and leaves the body parts laying around outside, 3.) I have more hamsters :) and 4.) The hamster that was killed was previously being attacked by my other hamsters, so i had to seperate him from the rest and put him in a bucket until we got a new cage. so he was in the bathroom, in a bucket with the door closed. then some dumb ass kid opened the door and took out the hamster and it got away.
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  RachaelAnna92  |  3

I don't know why people disliked this she/he is a murderer. She obviously left the hamster out of its cage somewhere where the cat could get to it because if she had left the hamster in its cage the cat wouldn't have been able to get to it because cats can't open cages. So obviously murderer.

  RachaelAnna92  |  3

Wow, stupid. You can't blame the cat it was just following its instincts. Blame the owner he/she is the one that left the hamster somewhere where the cat could get to it.

By  quietlytearful  |  0

aww. see this happened to my cousin.
we all go outside and poor little bunnies head was on one side of the yard and the body on the other side, with the dog standing over it. then later that day, the dog dug up the head and carried it around. it was at a really big family gathering so everyone saw.
but sad still.

  Buchitoo  |  4

yeah the same happened to me. I just got there a little too early and the doq was still eatinq from my bunny's neck. when the doq saw me he ran I went to see the bunny and picked it up from the ear. it's head was still attached from his body only with a little bit of skin. you could see it's guts cominq out from his neck.

  AznWaffle8  |  0

I heard my friend's cat's face was half off b/c of some disease, but I'm not sure if that's worse that guts coming out of a hampster's almost-severed neck...