By mommyopps - 26/03/2016 02:14 - United States - Madison Lake

Today, I'm beginning to regret explaining death to my 3-year-old son. We were at the supermarket when he looked at an elderly woman and loudly told her "You're gonna die soon!" FML
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*OP glares at the child* "So are you."

Explain to her that that was not appropriate.


I feel like no one even uses FML anymore

I still do. I'm just shy when it comes to commenting

You and me both. I get all paranoid everyone is going to dislike my comment, so I don't bother.

FML's community will downvote you to hell if your comment doesn't match expectations Followed by other comments that further drive the poor guy out of town Still, there is something endearing about the FML community Like finding an aggressive, but cute baby alien that you can keep as a pet

Or a cute, feral kitten. (Reference to earlier fml)

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kids say the darndest things don't they

ScottyDavis 6

Although that sucks and was quite rude it's probably a good thing telling him about it. I know he's three but it's better he learns about it now because it would probably be much harder on him if you were to wait

maybe your son wants to be a Beautician?

Well he is telling the truth her days are numbered

So is everyone else's days numbered. It's just that for the elderly the number is a bit smaller.

Psychics are always so vague...

Well...he's not wrong

Been there, done that. In a crowded pharmacy on pension day...

Well the old women is going to die sooner then you and your daughter so what she said could be considered the truth

Not necessarily true. What if they got by by a bus on their way home. Not that I'd wish that on the OP and their child, obviously.

Then the old lady can reply another bits the dust before me hahaha