By ItsGoneForever - 25/06/2016 00:48 - Netherlands - Driehuis

Today, while making love, my girlfriend accidentally kicked me in the face when changing positions. She then got mad at me when I went soft due to the pain. FML
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Hello, I am OP. Just a bit of clarification :-) Things were really heated and my gf was just really aroused as we hadn't seen each other for a while, so she was really into it. However, when she was cooled down again she apologized and we had a good laugh about it. And of course had another go later that evening ;-)

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analhehskb 5

Come on dude, it's not that hard.

Did you ask for it rough OP?


analhehskb 5

Come on dude, it's not that hard.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

#1, it isn't that hard? It seems OP agrees, considering he went soft. Get it, not hard? Soft? *mutters under breath* I need to work on these jokes...

yep. Just leave #1s joke as is.

Did you ask for it rough OP?

I think the word "accidentally" in the OP answers that question.

Why would she get mad at you for that? That is ridiculous!

I hope you meant ri-dick-ulous.. I swear, it's like you people aren't even trying anymore...

ber4fun 23

Talk about being inconsiderate..

That was a dick move. Or lack there of.

whats a little kick to the face?

A kick in the face? Sounds pretty damn kinky OP.

That's ridiculous. You should wait until after a few sexy times pass. When it seems she's 'forgiven' you, initiate sex. "Accidentally" kick her in the face. See if she wants to keep going then.

She was probably embarressed... (hopefully)

Tell her to suck it!