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Today, I found out my sister has a nickname for me due to my recent breakouts. It's "volcano face". FML
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oh boy, nobody should be made fun of for acne. all I can say is to try and keep your face clean, I guess.

and I guess it's not your fault. try nutregena rapid clear acne gel. it works so well! it may sting, but they go away!


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lol thats funny. its ok i broken out a couple times and got a couple scars too

If you're smart, tell her you're now "witty and zitty". Hey, better than nothing.

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i cant come up with a good volcano pun :(

wash your face then.. get proactive(: it works!

#21 Are you crazy? Have you tried it? It's bullshit. My dad's a dermatologist, there's a load of better medicines. It feels like it burns your face off, and not in the right way.

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@21 proactive isnt the best choice. actually it shouldnt be a choice at all. this is wat u get from the 20 dollars you spend to buy proactive. it either 1. Doesnt work at all 2. Works for a little while but then stops working all together or 3. Makes your acne worse so proactive

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but jessica simpson uses it! haha

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@28 she really doesnt. they just put her in there so people will be like "woah. jessica my all time favorite singer uses it and gets great skin? then i will buy 5 proactives!!'' so that is wat happens. trust me jessica doesnt use it.

#31 I think he/she was joking. If he/she wasn't...she's an idiot.

You should make super volcano and splode all over her... no wait don't do that

you should tell the little girl she will have fin when she's a teen

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Well that's a little more original than pizza face. :3

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@49 my teeth arent that bad :(

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I called my bro pizza face :P that was when I was a wee little child

oh damn 58 marry me. sorry Sean I'm cheating on you.

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tell her she'll look the same at that age probably worse haha... then Photoshop her face with a lot of zigs and show her haha

lol 56 they're perfectly amazing! seriously mine arent that good though and I can't afford braces yet (my mom won't pay for them I have to :( ) and 58 I have the same doorhandle!

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that's what you think , if she used proactive her face would be coverde in acne , proactive sucks . But anyways I don't think anything works for acne is it?

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wow fyl. you can get medicine for that though!

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ummmmmmm... can you put a shirt on?!

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just for the record #33, im a case the obviousness wasnt....obvious enough

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Sam, you're so unfaithful :/

no one should ever be made fun of for breakouts.

83- that would be pretty ****** up if a girl had facial hair like yours.

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thats what im saying, exactly my do you not know? i mean seriously c'mon haha

he probably is on a computer and can only see the tiny little icons.

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60: I will gladly marry you :P

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still no reason to call me an idiot

88, i was gonna say. that'd be some wicked intense facial hair for a chick. XD

86, you should made fun of for wearing make up.

95, I like wearing makeup. you can insult me all you want. it's not going to bother me.

Ive been called volcano dick before but it was the pimples that were cummin up everywhere ...DAMN!

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99. i thinking ur make up is cool :)

um 83 put a pic of yourself before you start telling people what to do with their pics, & when you put the pic up stfu cus noone cares :D Sam I thought you'd ask girl with perfect teeth to marry you :P

she should marry me too! :) pretty lady with teeth will you marry me???

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ok, what does dafp and fafp mean?

109, thanks. :) i love doing makeup. XD

dafp: damn anti flood protection. fafp: **** anti flood protection.

damn a ******* penis **** a fat penis lmao jk damn anti flood protection fxck. ". "

sorry I'm a little late at replying, but proactive worked for me..

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lmao ahh i see haha ok i seen that alot and im like what the hell lol i even googled it haha :O

boo the **** hoo? how is ur life ****** u stupid pussy grow a pair

sammy girl! i wanna marry you...i feel left out :( hahah

No Sam. No. I said I wanted to be the only guy so I could keep all these hot wives to myself.

oh no! i got caught in the act lol. Sean take me back I'm sorry! .. (funyons don't tell Sean that we're married!)

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Hah Sam, this what I meant when I said you were unfaithful :P. Busted.

hahah oh sorry :) there's just so many choices!

Guys, can you PLEASE chill with all the "yr hawt!!!!" comments? PLEASE? As of 11:12 EST I'm counting at least 20 pic-related comments in the first thread alone. If you refuse to use the PM system and you MUST have everyone read your compliments, at least take it further down the page.

I knew you were gonna be the one, sean-- I knew it!

152, calm down. it's fml. it'll happen.

at 21. pro active only works if your face is terribly bad. and it only works for a short time bc all it does is dry out your face. in the end it makes it worse. I use something my doctor prescribed and it's made all of the difference.

wooooooo i love you sammygirl;) (okiee dokiee i wont tell sean)

It doesn't need to happen on the first damn thread. Why do you think the staff made a PM system? Because thousands of people read the site, and I guarantee that the majority don't give a crap who considers whom hot. Private conversations needn't clog the space that's reserved for comments specific to the FML. There's a reason, after all, why each story has a separate comments section. I understand that threadjacking and asides are going to happen. But sheesh-- the number of pic comments on this thread is ridiculous.

^ The comment I was replying to poofed. It was from the girl in the make-up. (Sorry, I can never remember that name.)

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AMEN IrishJane. it's gotten ridiculous

It was from the girl in the make-up? =D Sorry that kinda made me giggle. There's a lot of those. (Landen you can't marry Sammie, then you can't move down here to be with me like we talked about. DUH!)

TokioxxHotel. There were asshole comments about her make-up earlier-- I know this because I read through TOO MANY POINTLESS COMMENTS looking for related ones.

Pm doesn't work for me 1) I'm on an iPod and you can't use it on the app. 2) Im shy and have no life so talking one on one with people is hard for me.

( oh yeaaa i forgot kylie! but i guess your gunna have to share)

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agree with 81/84... this aint a **** site.. juss sayin'

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close enough, and i didnt mean in general.. just to one persons picture where shes barely dressed.. kinda not appropriate for a site like this, idk just my opinion tho

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ps 184 you have quite an epic picture lol you look so dead c here haha

sean: I'm not complaining about all threadjackers in general (and I've noticed you commenting more often further down, so thanks). I've got a physical disability so I can't get out and meet people IRL much either. I'm talking about the specific "OMG ur sexi!" ones. When the same few people say that to tons of pics, it's incredibly inane and annoying, and it just comes off as fishing for compliments. It drives me (and others) bonkers. BTW, I'm always on my iPhone and I still PM. Maybe the iPod Touch is different, but all I have to do is go to Safari. It's a little slower but not a huge deal.

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I hate being 1 month from being 21 :/

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exactly .. thats nasty shit

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I am getting sleeves lol. I have a quarter done on one arm and a half on the other :P.

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81 ur a fagget she is hot! u should be telling her to take it off

well well threadjackers off to drink some brews and cod :)

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Gahh, everyone plays CoD :/ If you play Kz2, Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom 2 I will utterly decimate you :] Pj, don't let the size of your arms discourage you from getting something you want. I've seen some really skinny dudes and chicks with full sleeves and they look friggin badass.

romo310 pj demolition time and ra Ima go buy games and slaughter u once I practice :D

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Yah Pj bruh, just take your time. Sleeves are expensive as hell too so there's the financial factor :/ Also Pj, tell your neighbor I will destroy him if he has Super Street Fighter 4 :] Chris, you seriously don't want it dude haha. I play Killzone and Street Fighter like my life depends on it :P.

Raleigh I will somehow nuke your ass in street fighter lol I work at 730 aam pj lol search n d is cool but I like getting lots of kills and nukes :) 7 prestige for me :D

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lol I haveKz2 but I no playstuck on cod, dang contollets are too diff lol but i lost cus I was commenting on here grrr lol

lol my ks is 1.55 XD peace just added Raleigh gotta find pj now lol

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Lol Chris, your Friend Request popped up while I was playing a match and I just switched out, pressed add and still kicked this kid's ass :P.

haha and I think my nuke count is in it's mid 30's best day: 3 nukes in a row lol people were pissed but enough chitchat gotta drink more and smash even more :D

beastly Ra lol I'll probably get slaughtered haha shoot em shoot em up<--- that's what I do lol oh red dead and ufc is Beastish ahah

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hey mother nature is calling and she wants her volcanoes back

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actually, I use proactive and it's never let me down. it DOES make your acne worse at first, but it says it does. keep it up and it will work. I'm not saying it's right for everybody, but at least give it a shot. and read the directions!


ugh hehe. no one is askinq me to marry them(: lol

55 you seem like the kind of guy that grows up to be a pedophile, like the guy in a clockwork orange.

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226 I had a feeling you were going to pick sean

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I know right proactive works like shit u know how much money I wasted on that crap

**** I'm late lol damn cod is intense haha

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ya she does... I'll never be able to afford a smile like that : /... not sayin you paid for it but I am jealous:)

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I have to agree with ya... it takes me ages to get down to some of the actual comments to the post.... however I think it's quite amusing to read some of the arguements and yr hawts.... I have no adult or even close to adult social life... 3 young boys, all day everyday... just put em to the bottom! lol


you know what? no **** all of you jasmine is MINE.


aha I think Im gonna remarry(:!

HA Samantha wins again :) I love you Jasmine. <333 with a burning passion.

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what are you talking about? Jasmines mine, psssh.

lexa: marry me? <333 and no she is not yours she's alllll mine. I share some of my women, but not jasmine.

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yes :D well I have you, so it's ok >:D

174, people talk shit on my makeup, it's cool. the 'your hawt' comments don't bother me, but I do think the people who put half nude pics on here need to change it.

hey Irish jane... ur hawt!! also OP.. it's not cause of your spots, it's your bastard parents fault for calling you Eyjafjallajökull!! it's just easier to say volcano face!!

draw red dots on her face while she's sleeping heh heh heh

Nah, actually Proactiv does work if you use it every day and if you use it right too...idk if it worked for you or not but hay your face is clear.

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#2 is hawwwwt. but every guy I know who looks like that, is gay. which makes me really sad lol.

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erm he juss called mii beautiful so I think he's straight;]

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3 emos posted after he posted that, emos get over youselves your lives are not hard at all so wipe off that racoon make up of your face pull those skin tight jeans off and stop being stupid

Umm, 2s picture is one that circled the Internet a few years ago. whoever it is is pretty hot though. don't be mean to emo people. leave us the **** alone.

but that's still no excuse to type like an illiterate 5 year old, 72.

KISS is okay. not the greatest anymore. they were great in their time.

82: who cares it's just a style now and I personally think it's DAMN SEXY. so stfu :)

mmm I thought that was raver styles now lol ha well where I leave it is and it isn't emo :P

emo is sexy. XD Scene is the new raver style.

emo, scene it all looks the same to me lol your too young Sam :0 I was gonna go to edc but oh when your car breaks down there goes your paycheck lol

there's some differences. I'd explain it if I wasn't so lazy. XD Rave time! UNCE UNCE UNCE.

so what! I don't give a flying **** they sound so fun :)

fact you probably won't get in as most raves I know if there is police outside cruising waiting for kids cheap and dumb who rush the fences/entrances lol

lol damn it. well I'll hide in someone then hahahah.

lol yeah both of those will work! :D I hide in my friends pants, shirts, jackets, backpacks everything :)

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LOL #36, that was so simple yet hilarious to me at the same time. Congratulations :]

well im off this shindig for now, have things to do, shower to take, maybe a fight or two yo get into... outskiies :D

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lmao every time I hear rave or speedo I think of party boy and JACKASS unce unce unce 'kinda bass-y' unce unce unce 'makes me wanna dance' the rips off his break aways and starts man dancin in the middle of anywhere hehehe

I know this pretty rave girl, alway think about her. when she says I'd do me, butterflies go right through me. and when I see her dancing want to take a chance in gettin' a little closer, and maybe get to know her. UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE.

umm 72 a hundred Times already choose a pic from Google which Doesnt have a link at the bottom of the dp ;)

oh boy, nobody should be made fun of for acne. all I can say is to try and keep your face clean, I guess.

hahahahahahahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaha wow that sucks, but it's funny!

Easy on the coffee, now. I know the nice "hospital" men probably gave it to you for free, but it's clearly not helping you get out of there any faster.

boopity, did you always have that pic up? I'm on my itouch so couldn't zoom in before. But nice lol.

Yup, I did. Always been there. Glad you enjoyed it, though.

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HAHHAA omg i just lold at this pic !

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That's not too creative of a name...

and I guess it's not your fault. try nutregena rapid clear acne gel. it works so well! it may sting, but they go away!

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Wow, make fun of her too! what an ass

The break outs will pass, but I will bet you your sister will find something else to make fun of you for, they are good at that. It sucks but it's true, so OP just try and laugh it off and eventually you will get an opportunity to make fun of her in some way. That's just what siblings do. :P I speak from experience with my own sister.

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let's hope those volcanos don't erupt