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Unfortunately, even religious studies would be disapprouved, as Jehovah's witnesses believe in having the shortest education possible and then devoting yourself to "preaching the good news to all nations". And more than that, they also refuse to learn about any other faith then their own, for fear of mixing "satanic teachings" with "The Truth"...

OP's mother would not be satisfied unless OP decided to quit University, become a pioneer and go knock on doors for seventy hours or more a month.

FYL, OP. I know what you are going through and I really hope that you will stand your grounds and follow your dreams. I wish you the best of luck in your courses and in the future, wonderful job that you will certainly have.


Her life may have meaning to herself #92. But knocking on people's doors, bugging people that have real jobs who when home are trying to rest and unwind is annoying. People know about religion they don't need people running around trying to force it down their throat. There is a reason God or whoever you believe in gave you a free will. To do what you want and learn for yourself. Now stop knocking on my damn door. I am now done ranting...for now


@135and / you have some correct points as well as incorrect points. first off, you have mixed everyone together into a religious stereotype. my mother is a computer programer and im an A student studying to become a biomedical engineer. Were both jehovas witnesses. I can tell you are already rather familiar with our society. But pioneers who do the 70 hours thing are mostly the retired and people who have a month free. Finally, I can tell that you both dont like us and I understand that. A lot of people dont like us knocking on thier doors. All you have to do is tell them not to come back and theyll ignore your adress from that point on(accept for the witnesses that didnt get the memo)

  tj4234  |  35

she could be a very strict Jehova's witness. To someone who is so into their religion they are ignorant of the world around them it's not a far jump from Biology to evolution (for example).

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

At a guess, the Jehovah's Witness thing is the reason she doesn't approve of the courses.

You know, JW being a religious thing and Biomedical Sciences being, well... a science thing.


Jehovah's witnesses are more conscious of what is happening in the world than lowlives like you who get a kick out of criticising people who are bold enough to stand for what they believe in


Religion and religious people are fine. Religious extremists are not.

I have JW friends and some weren't allowed to go to university and some were. It's the same thing as me being Catholic but not having communion every Sunday. Every religion will have very, uh, devout followers.

Let's just be glad the OP saw the crazy before their future was fucked over by the Watchtower.

  Eiregal  |  7

most religions preach hate. but do so In nice ways to make it sound alright! also guilt, shame and self loathing! I should know I was raised catholic. at age 7 I was (prepared) for my first confession by sitting silently in church and thinking hard about all the horrid sins I committed.

I was then led, in complete silence, in to the confessional which was very dark and cold to have some scary priest tell me my sins would have me famed less I confess! I told him my only sin then, I was bad and mean to my friend.

I was given as my punishment 3 hail mary's and 1 our father. it was possible the most traumatizing thing to put a child through! while calling it beautiful faith! bullshit!!


No, I don't nessicarily think that religions preach hate. How on earth is confession preaching hate!? While there are religions that promote discrimination, agreed, I think that the majority of them preach peace (the main churches, in any case). I do, however, believe it is with the extremists and their churches that we find the hate preaching.

I definately think that there is a fine line between being devout and being an extremist. I recently had to break up with my
boyfriend of 3 years because he crossed that line and tried to convert me. Daily.

  SPAIDZ  |  0

To be honest, I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I don't see what OPs mother is making such a big deal out of. Most of us are pretty reasonable but every so often you get a Witness who rejects human teachings of science and rejects the thought of pursuing higher edjucation in a world they feel is doomed anyway. OPs mom probably expects her children to give up what most consider a normal life to pursue the ministry full time. Not many do, and for most of us witnesses that's fine. Sorry OP I do hate when overbearing parents put a bad taste of the rest of us out there for everyone :(

  rawr_ily96  |  24

I've heard of people leaving Jehovah's Witnesses because their child needed a blood transfusion and they were told to let the kid die because they are apparently forbidden.

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

Maybe it's because OP is doing Biomedical Services and Microbiology.

JWs believe blood transfusions are prohibited by their version of the bible. They quote Genesis, Leviticus and Acts, which refer to eating blood, but which JWs extend to intravenous transfusions by analogy.

The bible is oddly silent on matters regarding blood fractions (such as plasma and platelet concentrations), Ringer's lactate solution, and genetically engineered proteins such as erythropoietin, interleukin-11, and GM-CSF and G-CSF. This uncharacteristic omission means that the use of these are left to a matter of individual conscience. As such, the OPs studies may eventually help save the lives of JWs who require live saving surgery. Perhaps even her mother's.

But then, since OPs mother very likely joined the church after 1935, she's not one of the 144,000 who are going to heaven anyway.

  SPAIDZ  |  0

Actually I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses and frankly I don't agree with OPs mother. True the bible (any version or translation) commands "abstaining from blood" but these studies don't necessarily have to deal with blood transfusions. Even if that is the field OP chooses to go into most of us Witnesses are reasonable enough to let someone choose what path to take with their own lives. (and while this has nothing to do with OPs comment, 1935 is not a significant date to Jehovah's Witnesses and has nothing to do with who goes to heaven and who does not)