By whyme - 10/05/2011 03:55 - Canada

Today, in the subway, a man ran up to me, grabbed me, and starting hugging me. He wouldn't stop hugging me, and his grip was too tight. I don't know what's worst, basically being harassed, or not being able to remember the last time I was hugged. FML
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sosad1818 tells us more.

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lol hi guys its the OP. Sorry for not being specific, but ye he was kinda crazy. And I tried to get him off me, but I didn't want to hurt him, so I just got off at the next spot.

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why didn't you say anything


Aww how creepy sweet and sad :O


why didn't you say anything

uchow10 3

she was enjoying it

He being the random person getting a boner hugging OP or OP himself?

Guys, it's because the Vancouver Canucks won today VS Nashville. In Canada people go crazy when a Canadian team is leading the playoffs in hockey. He was just super happy.

Or he has some kind of ESP where he knows if someone really needs a hug :) Unlikely though O.o

I tried hugs once, didn't like it at all. leg humping is where it's at

dude, that's fantastic!!

haha that's amazing!

UsaFtw 0

wtf does OP mean?

79.. original poster

Why don't you so him, or call the authorities.

Really? Candy-ass. are whats wrong with the world. "so" him? if you mean "sue" i'm pretty sure you can't sue someone for hugging you. jackass.

you can sue him for harassment, you just probably won't win. Or even possibly assault if you say you thought the guy was attacking you.

yea if you wanna be a dick about it

no I'm sure he ment sow

ok 96s picture just made my day

SAMEE! PEDO BEAR:D I never thought I would become so excited about a bear that rapes children..but I am!

I just literally moderated this what a coincidence lol i was thinking you'd better check your wallet !! :)

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yeah the nice man sounds suspicious...

Why don't you sue him, or call the PoPo.

Really? how did I know you were from America

CommonSenseKarma 17

The same reason I knew you were from Australia.

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BOOM. You got it.

#6- you like just said this.?

he was correcting himself

I think he probably has the app and it didn't show the first time so he posted it again. Either way, stupid comment. And popo?! Who says that?? O_o

sydmadhurf 6

well I'm pretty sure everyone says popo. haha just kidding, but I do:) and I agree!! sue the freak!!

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Walk around town holding a sign that says 'FREE HUGS' and see how many you get.

xmayne 0

you can get arrested for saying that to kids

Boredumm 6

lol gotta check ID for free hugs these days

I got punched in the gut 2 times and someone saying that they're going to rape me.

What a nice man...


Aww how creepy sweet and sad :O

BamBarBiYaKergud 2

did u cheked ur back maybe there was sticker with HUG ME PLEASE. loooool anyway why he even did so? hug maniac lmao

So yeah, what kind of drugs are you on lately? Coke? Weed? Ecstasy? Meth? Please tell me if I got at least one of those right.

he's a bit retarded...

Be glad that he didn’t push you to get the seat.