By v1k1rox - United States - San Francisco
Today, a woman attempted to pickpocket me while trying to educate me about God. FML
v1k1rox tells us more :
This is the second time someone tried to rob me well living in NYC you know things like that happen. I didn't notice until after she pushed me that something was fishy. She tried to go into my bag first then into my pocket when she discovered there was nothing in my bag. She failed, I wish she didn't run away so I can get her arrested.
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  Zsteel  |  10

Well she could have done it better, and I'm sorry OP, just don't hold a bad opinion about people who believe in god, she is a rotten apple in the bushel.

  JME0058  |  8

Of course people did stupid stuff for money a long time ago. But for the most part people were hardworking and honest. Nowadays the planet has gone to hell and very few people give a crap about anybody but themselves.

  Ari1337  |  15

most people still work honest jobs and care about others. you just don't hear about good people doing good things as often as you would hearing about douche bags doing horrible things.


I wonder why so many people try to act as though humans were better in the past than they are now. They weren't. We're the same slimy cowards we were then. For the most part, we STILL sucked in the past and we were still selfish. Nothing's changed except how many of us exist today.