By thatsucks - 28/02/2016 20:49 - United States - Seattle

Today, I learned that my housemate used a dry vacuum to unclog the toilet before moving out and then didn't change the vacuum bag. He left several weeks ago. FML
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danceinconverse 25

And that's when you said "Fuck it." And get a new vacuum.

What a feral thing to do


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Aerobic_Exorcism 13

Why have you forsaken the FML community? You really couldn't conjure up something more original?

nightstalker94 18

Why can't you just enjoy the comments instead of complaining like a high school girl who can't even?

Aerobic_Exorcism 13

Because it's a really shitty pun.

nightstalker94 18

Ah I see what you did there haha good one

countryb_cth 38

And because every time a FML has anything to do with shit someone makes the shitty situation pun and it got extremely annoying real fast

I'd say that stinks. But bad puns aside, yuck!

I was gonna say it sucked.

Unfortunately that's all I had.

The OP beat you to it!

_awwhellnaw_ 45

What an idiot. Thank god he's gone. Hopefully the next roommate you have won't be so stupid.

danceinconverse 25

And that's when you said "Fuck it." And get a new vacuum.

I really would.

Vacuums probably fucked anyhow, dry vacuums don't take too kindly to sucking up liquids.

It is called a dry vacuum, not a wet vacuum.

What a feral thing to do

theoldman 22

What a fecal thing to do.

Feral and fecal are very different...

Unlike most people, instead of thinking about the smell or disgusting vacuum... I think of how dirty his floors are. I mean several weeks and you still haven't cleaned the floors.

Not necessarily. They could use the vacuum just for their furniture. all my floors are hard wood and I still have a vacuum for furniture and cob webs on the ceiling.

Aerobic_Exorcism 13

Is your housemate the same person that caused septic tank water to be regurgitated out of the toilet by using the vacuum on it, or does no one else get reminded of that FML?

Turn on the vacuum might be a new blender now

what a refreshing idea.

Find out where he lives now, leave nasty poop vacuum on his doorstep and buy yourself a new one!

Mail the vacuum bag to him with a note that says, "You forgot something."

That would cost about as much as a new vacuum.

I really like this idea...

Totally worth the cost of postage!

Absolutely! Doing this would be worth any amount of postage, just for the satisfaction of it. Oh, and I'd definitely make sure I'm out of sight but nearby when he gets his delivery. The look on his face would be priceless.