Hey, OP here. I can clear a few things up. She was nearly arrested for breaking and entering and saw a 'cute' boy at the jail. Every day since (without my knowledge) she went to the jail and talked to him. I found out last week.

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Who is she to stop her? HER MOTHER. She's underage, barely knows the boy, it isn't "love" and it's definitely her mother's business who she takes up with.

#47, please tell me you're being sarcastic.


Sounds like something Hailey from modern family would do...

or something like what Meg did from "Family Guy"..

POD - Youth of the Nation...

At least it's a Maximum Security Prison OP!

Tell her if she don't change her choices she'll land herself a permanent spot.

And she won't find the love she is looking for in a female jail

Guess she's gonna learn it the hard way

53, she could be bi or lesbian. And county jails hold both sexes, it is generally prisons that are separated.

Or she'll land herself in a cemetery #2

I guess that's the real definition of "tough love"

Hey dad, I picked up this pretty cool guy. A question about him, though, what's child pornography?

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From behind bars? How would that work? Imagine that conversation. "He did what?! Ok baby, just wait 'til I get paroled. I'll fix him good."

That way she should grab two - so they make sure to protect her from each other in the first place.

No parole would be needed. It's county jail not prison we're talking about. I'd be worried if I were the OP!

So many flaws in that logic

Teen angst leads down some of the weirdest paths.

Her heart's been imprisoned by love, what can you do about it?

You can't cage her true love.

she is already in a cage, mental one.

Well... according to OP, the county already did.

What a blockhead

Ok, Charlie Brown, no need for strong language now.

18, ain't nothing wrong with being a goober!

Did he steal her heart?